Monday, June 13, 2011

Variety in Orchids Food for Thought

I love orchids and Singapore grew them every where.
All colors. I don't think one household missed owning a few.
People just knew how to behave with these flowers and one shouldn't be surprised as the Orchid is Singapores' National Flower.

The people love flowers and they also keep cages with different singing birds.
They bring them to a certain place to receive prizes for the best singing bird and tourists walk in between them admiring the different species. The birds look especially pretty sitting between so many trees full of blossoms.

British Columbia also loves Orchids and we can see plenty in Richmond where many Chinese live.
It is nice when we see competition between people for things.

In Canada this will soon be a thing of the past as corporations take everything over for global production. This will mean the people will not enjoy the things they grow and prices and land will belong to powerful international companies over which we have no control.
They don't want to talk about their business and therefore service will also be a thing of the past.

No control means they will plunder land for their businesses leaving nothing for people to grow food on and thus limiting the quality of the food we eat to what they produce and how they produce it, tasteless and full of chemicals.

People will then die in hordes if a mistake is made as for example in the olden days when wheat was affected and made people crazy. But in these times it was localized as opposed to today where people could die globally.
Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theories don't seem so far fetched after all.

We see this happening with the beef , gas , hydro and pharmaceutical corporations as they go global.
The companies are so powerful, even governments have no control over them.
They are efficient cold and calculating, instruments, without a soul.

They require money to buy their products but they take away more and more jobs, produce less and less variety, promote global warming through the gross amount they produce of any one thing and buy off all the land which is plundered and abused to produce the most.

Our majestic Canada will soon be a thing of the past as will every other place in the world unless people stand up and begin to scream to their governments to disallow huge mergers of corporations and help the small farmers to survive, so varieties of beef and grain exist to keep the prices low as well as jobs for people to make a living off of.
This applies to utilities as well.
Nothing is good when you sell out. It hurts everyone.
Variety is good.
Mass Production is not.

Grow your own food for thought and add a few orchids and cabbages while you are at it.
Once stores see you don't buy from them, they will not buy from corporations but from local small producers. Scream to your MLA's and tell them to stop whining and produce solutions to these problems or not take a job away from someone who can do something.

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Maude Lynn said...


A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Mama Zen.

SandyCarlson said...

I am the ultimate brown thumb, but I will give growing a try!

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy - I am appalled at all the stuff I read from global meat producers to weather manipulators causing so much damage pain and suffering to people. I am appalled to hear that some people think of humans as useless eaters.
Isn't it enough they destroy society and families in the name of sex when in reality more children is something the planet doesn't need unless parents are like salmon and die.
Unlike Salmon who have so many eggs, we only produce a few children per family except for the crazy few.
Man is born equal and there are some things money cannot buy.