Thursday, June 30, 2011

Petals So Delicate

While the world is in turmoil, my flower blooms
With petals so delicate as to make angels swoon
Transparent, a soft light envelopes them
and allows us to wonder, while under its' spell.
A beautiful flower blooms in the dawn
While the world continues to plunder
Under a wailers' song.
A Lady's Life.

My poor flowers keep blooming year after year all on their own.
and surprise me every time.
I try to buy the wild varieties since they require the least amount of care.
Some gardner I am lol

Today William and Kate are arriving, in a Canadian airplane, used to jet the Prime Minister.
With England waging protests over pensions and having to work an extra year to get them,
I guess England cannot afford their own plane to fly Royalty anymore. lol
Gorgeous William is being protected as he is Englands' prized English Rose, inheriting his Moms' foot steps. His beautiful wife Kate, helps as well. She is HOT!
The rest of the world is haggling over the cost of living and bankruptcy while the rich are still helping people spend.
So apart from all the mumbo jumbo people are being fed,
Where is all the money?
As one greek man said, spending has to be stopped.
Thank fully Kate an Wills 9 day trip will not cost very much but make a lot of people happy.

Have a great day! ;)

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