Monday, June 6, 2011

Life in Pink

It's too bad Arnold Schwarzenegger had this little misunderstanding because
English isn't his native language.

He told Maria (his wife) that their housekeeper wanted a raise.

Maria said, "Screw her."

Any simple-minded, semi-literate Austrian could have made the same mistake,

The above flower was again on a vine and the more you look at these vines the more you like them.
BC is wonderful when it comes to growing flowers. We have plenty of rain this year which makes it easier on the gardners.
In Steveston they opened up small unused areas between houses to make community gardens.
I always find this enlightening. Every house gets a wooden frame to grow anything they like in .

Lots of women were working and enjoying their day around their gardens although I must admit it was very hot yesterday and I wonder how they planned on watering each box. If you don't live across the street, you'd need an extremely long hose to drag out there for the job and or keep barrels full of water to use every day as needed.
Usually, if we are lucky, it rains at night so the plants get water and you just do the weeding. But then again you also have to watch out for the birds helping themselves.
The pleasure you get if things are done right and results are seen, is stupendous.

Each little plant becomes your special baby and a big part of its' life is yours.
This is such a special connection people can share with nature and between each other as they can compare each others gardening skills as well as social skills.

If you don't have a box garden you may find growing potatoes in a garbage bag a lucrative investment. You roll the bag down and put in soil. Once the potatoes sprout to 10 cm shoots add more soil. Keep doing this till you reach the top. Then stop and let shoots mature.
Make holes for water to escape at the bottom, and water regularly.
et voila.
Soon you will have your own crop of potatoes.

Have a wonderful day !!


Maude Lynn said...

That Schwarzenegger joke is hilarious!

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Mama Zen