Friday, June 24, 2011

We Can Hear the Waves

As we keep bringing more and more people into our countries, we are placing a bigger strain on our electric power grids.
This means the companies have to build more power plants and we we pay the cost with higher prices.

Eventually the cost will have to be curtailed and people will have no choice but to obtain their own solar power.

I read this and thought this would be a good idea when I sell my house and begin to do renos on my country place to retire in. I have two wells which means I will not require city water, which is murky anyway to say the least, and with solar power and a franklin stove, I should do pretty much ok.

We have a lot of wind there as well, especially in winter from the river, so a wind mill would be of value as well.

When we collect things, we get tired of taking responsibility for them. I always wanted a room for a library and yet all my books are in boxes afraid to be un boxed.
I wanted an art room but can never get organized enough to make myself one.
The world has taken a dramatic leap into the future where nothing seems to be important anymore. You can get everything electronically on line and more and yet one day all this will disappear and man will be left without knowledge and no where to obtain it from.

When I talk to bloggers I find everyone has this bohemic need to travel and to see something different and new.
Nothing pleases one more than to feast ones' eyes on a fresh mountain or sky and romantically reminisce that this same sky is attached to your home far far away.

Once upon a time your ancestors walked these mountains and plains.
Once upon a time their blood flowed into Mother Earth and she welcomed it and sucked it dry.

As you travel trying to find yourself, you find yourself going deeper into your soul. Wrapping your arms around the world still leaves you as lonely as the day you were born.

You drift back and almost remember opening your eyes to nothing short of wonder.
What is all this? Where am I? Why am I? Who am I? What am I?
And so begins your journey to discovery, philosophy, religion, politics and war.
You people watch and wonder why they do what they do?

Like Mother Earth, you get sucked in and life bleeds you dry. You get old. You wrinkle and like a withering flower,you gasp a final breath and die.

But in between is a struggle to survive, to laugh, to dance, to love, to give life and share in its' glory and all this is done, still in wonder.

Does any of it ever make sense? Does it have to?
Animals live and continue to live without ever giving it single thought.They have no home, nothing to call their own except their instinct to survive.
They run the plains free and alone and Mother Earth feeds them of her own free will.
Every day has its own miracle to offer them in terms of the gift of life and sometimes even death.

We believe in life and living. We fight for it, as we fight for the air we breath.
We've touched it, experienced it and as the warm rays of the sun touches our brow, we think yes....this is a good thing.This is a perfect thing.

We want children to experience everything.
The pain, the suffering, the tears, the joys, the promise. It's all worth it... to be born in wonder and to live life discovering,learning, growing and eventually withering and dying. It means nothing more nothing less than what it is.
It just is and it will always be for eternity.

We sit by the water front and we can hear the waves. They take us back in time to where it all began and no matter how much we learn, we still sit mesmerized, hypnotized by the shear miracle of having a brain to appreciate the moment.

Have a great day :)


Maude Lynn said...

I do feel this way when I listen to the waves!

A Lady's Life said...

yes Mama zen. I think we all do :)

SandyCarlson said...

Waves. I love 'em. I say on the count of three we all stay home and breathe and learn to make it work, wherever and whoever we are. Let us not make our living anybody else's problem. Zen meets New England. It's possible!

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy so true. People are all the same :)

A Lady's Life said...

Anonymous - lol Rubbish!
Clearly, you haven't been
I find American women refreshing.
They know who they are.They know what they want in life.
They don't allow men to push them around, beat them etc.. like they did in the past.Men are suckers to geisha type women, who do lie and these type of women do things to please you, to get what they want and then drop you like a hot cake. Men, as well as women today, fit all of what you wrote above, but of course we are generalizing. There are many men and women who seek the same things.
Love, family, compassion, sacred intimacy,truth.
Marriage, is to become one and one is indivisible.

If you want family values, you have to allow God to touch your spirit and fight for the right to believe in morals and values by setting examples to live by and saying no to everything else. This requires self discipline and is not an easy thing to do. Marriage is sacred and non liberal. In it, there is a right and a wrong.
In it, you have to learn that sometimes your other half needs more and other times you need more
because no man is perfect.I agree that people today do not understand the meaning of words like commitment and love and marriage. But it is a mistake to believe a foreign woman does either.
After all, we learn from foreigners do we not? Everything we do here comes first from other lands.Then we watch them fall and suffer and have a chance to pull back and say no. In spite of everything,
America is still a God fearing country.
You need to learn your history before making such statements.
Good Luck:)