Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Distant Drums - Jim Reeves


Today is Hump Day.
Two more days before the week end.

A Few good Proverbs to remember:
A book is a garden carried in your pocket
A little and a little becomes a great deal.
All mankind is divided into three classes, immoveable,
moveable and those who move.
Compete, don't envy.
Fear not the man who fears God.
Salt will never be worm eaten
Knowledge is a treasure and practice is the key
Trust makes way for treachery
Cherishing children is a mark of civilized society: Joan G Cooney

The World Record Breakers:

The tallest man USA: Robert Wadlow - 8'11" 222.71 kg. shoe, size 18 1/2 inches, hands 12 3/4 inches, ate 8000 cals per day. 1940
Longest tongue UK: Stephen Taylor 3.74 inches from tip to center of his closed lip top. 2006
Smallest waist USA: Kathie Jung 38.1 cm or 15 inches 1999
Longest hair China: Xie Quiping 18' 5.54" 2004
Most fingers and toes India: Pranamya Menaria 12 fingers 13 toes. 2005
Devendra Harne 12 fingers 13 toes 1995
Most pierced woman,Scotland: Elaine Davidson 720 piercings 2001
Longest ear hair, India: Anthony Victor 7.12 inches
Most owerful lungs UK: Manjit Singh,blew a balloon 8 feet in diameter in 42 min. 1998
Fastest Horses: Quarter Horses 20 m/sec
Fastest car: SSC Ultimate Aero TT 1183 hp ; 256.19 mph

In Response

In response to beauty
In response to life
In response to air
In response to strife
In response to water
In response to light
We respond to senses
All our days and nights.

We'll respond today
We'll respond tomorrow
And ever after
To a morning bright.


Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response
Mildred Barthel in Ensign


Baron's Life said...

Great post absolutely love the proverbs you put on

A Lady's Life said...

Yours are very good as well:)

Canajun said...

Your picture reminded me of this....

If a camel with 2 humps is called a Bactrian camel, and a camel with 1 hump is a Dromedary camel, what's a camel called with no humps?

Humphrey (hump-free)

It's old, I know, but still.....

A Lady's Life said...

Thats very good.

Hump phrey.

I've never seen one with no humps.
Most of them have humps :)