Thursday, April 23, 2009 Chuck...

I got my shepherd, Chucky, from a woman who raised guard dogs, in Montreal.
She dealt mainly with Dobermans and Shepherds.

We didn’t know who she was when we entered this small house, which I am now not so
sure she really lived in, but maybe she did.
There were two black Dobermans sitting on the couch, staring at you like Bobsey twins but they didn’t move.
She welcomed us in and then she called her friend to bring in the puppy.

Well, this so called 8 week old puppy, was huge!
She plopped him into my arms and I had a hard time holding it. He was so heavy.
My husband and I immediately fell in love.
He had a great looking black nose, huge fat paws,his exoskeleton felt like he would
grow up to be humungous and I was assured he would also have some brown on him.
His eyes looked up at you in this helpless, baby fashion, like the, I want my Mommy, look.
He was such a cute, big bear, ……baby.

I tried putting him on the floor to have a better look but the woman said no. If he does it once on the floor,he will always do it.She said with so many dogs, she could not afford this to happen.
She asked if I would like to meet his grand father. I said sure.
Once taking the pup away, she called ol granpa and he came in all wagawagging,full of kisses.
He rubbed himself around your legs like a cat.

He was huge, with a very big head. He’d roll over and was just such a pleasant fellow
I figured, gosh... this is just what I wanted.

She asked me… you like him?
I said yes! Very much so.
Then she said, I will show you something.
She took us into the basement and she said whatever happens …..don’t move.

She brought her friend in and he had this pad over his arm.
She bade the dog to “watch” and ol grandpa turned into this wicked, ugly looking, fierce monstrosity, I had ever seen.

She told him to attack and he attacked the arm of the man.
The man pushed an old thick telephone book, 3 - 4 inches thick,at him. With one bite, he bit right through….The book was now... in half.
I winced.

No leg or arm, would withstand a bite such as this.

Even if we wanted to, my husband and I could not move.
Once the show was over, she told him “at ease” and he immediately turned back into loveable ol granpa.
Not a mean streak in him.

She explained that this dog had no mean streak in him.
He was just following orders and all her dogs are the same.
She trains them and rents them to businesses.
She said one D’Epanneur rented her dog and the dog was
fine until one fellow came in and the dog immediately knew something was not right
about him. He gave a small growl, enough for the owner to stop and pay attention to something going wrong.
The dog, prepared the man for something bad to happen.

The customer was a thief and the man was able to get the police to come before he left the store or even know the police was called.
The police arrested him and found he was armed.

Training and control, was what her dogs were all about.
Then she asked me again, do you still like this dog?

My husband and I were so impressed we said yes, we want a dog exactly like grand pa and she laughed. Loll
So we took Chucky home . At home, he huffed and puffed, trying to get into a flower pot.

We took him outside but he did not do anything. We brought him inside and he ran around whining and crying.
We had another dog at home and I told my husband to take her out so she pees.
He did that and then we took Chucky outside to smell. He put two and two together, that it was ok to pee on the grass.

So he peed and peed and peed and that fat, huge puppy, shrunk in size, to the normal size a puppy his age should be.

We laughed thinking boy, did his nostrils flare. He must have been suffering.
But he never peed in the house, made no damage anywhere and he was exactly like grandpa.

Kids played on him. If my baby boy pulled his fur too much, he’d take his little hand gently into his mouth and pull it off as if to say..... no.
The mail man, at first, was not happy when we would tie the dog to the front door but he understood, Chucky was there for him. Every day he and Chucky had a relationship going on and he really loved the mail man and vs.
Once when we were clipping our hedges, Chucky growled and we looked up and saw some
guys we didn’t know, going into a neighbors' back yard.

She wasn’t home, so we called the police and they came and arrested them.
They were trying to break in and they were not even a day out of prison.

So the woman’s story about her dogs came true, in Chucky as well.

My husband soon learned he had a good jogging companion. They had the same coloring, black and tan (my husband wore a black beard then) lol. When they ran, they looked like twins. Being a long distance runner,my husband had to carry the dog back on his back, the first time they went out but after a few runs, Chucky was right there, knowing the score.
Chucky knew how to climb ladders and my husband, who travelled a lot, knew not to mess with me when he got
As soon as he’d come to hug me from behind,
Chucky would get up, slowly circle round him, stand up on his two hind legs and dig his nails into his back to say...... No.

My husband had to watch his back..........but I loved my dog.


Nessa said...

He is very cute.

A Lady's Life said...

yes, he was some dog.
That woman new her dogs and her breeding.
I couldn't get over the power in those jaws.
When they talk about Pitt Bull Bites, I think.... baby, you ain't seen nothin. If that dog wanted to hurt you... you'd be toast.
I never saw anyone bite through a thick telephone book like that and I don't think I ever will again. Kids are at eye level with dog faces and their skin is very soft. It doesn't take much to puncture it with a tooth and then a wrong move ends up doing the rest of the damage. So it doesn't matter what kind of dog you have, kids need to be supervised when they are with them.When my dogs were with my boys, I'd always be there to see it didn't get rough and stupid.