Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mount Rainier - Beautiful to Behold

A room full of roses - Jim Reeves.
Mount Rainier is a Majestic Mountain to Behold.
An active volcano, about 54 mi SE of Seattle,
it is the highest Mountain in the Cascades, ranging approximately 14,411 feet high.
It has about 26 major glaciers around it and 35 sq miles of permanent snow
The Summit has 2 volcanic craters around 1000 feet wide and the lava mostly consists of andesite. which includes garnet zircon and quartz.
Climbing the mountain takes 3 days. About 3 deaths occur each year out of the 8000-13000 who climb it.
In 1981, 11 people died on the Ingraham Glacier from an ice fall and 32 were killed in a plane crash in 1946.
150,000 people live around the mountain range and an eruption would be devastating to
Renton, Enumclaw, Auburn, Kent and Seattle.

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