Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rejoicing A Day In Life.
Jim Reeves - The Farmer and the Lord.
Old Tige.

Good Morning!!


A Happy Thursday to Every one!!

We are almost there. Many people will have a welcome day off tomorrow.
It is time to color eggs and try out your recipes for Easter Bread.

Woke up to a dreary, damp morning.
Put on the oxtail soup for my hubby tonight, as it needs the whole day
to brew the good bouillon before adding celery, potatoes, carrots and tomatoes.
Great Crock pot work.

Only the birth of a little eaglet cheered the day up on the news and I knew, like I always know,
there is a good reason for waking up in the morning lol

My cherry tree is full of blossoms as are the hyacinths.
Now I am waiting for the apple blossoms and they will surely bloom within the next week.
This is the nicest time of spring.
Most people have pink flowered trees around here and soon the streets will all be
covered in pink when the flower petals fall.
How pretty it is when that happens.

This Morning we woke up to a tragic story about this little girl who is dying and having trouble breathing.
The parents were upset people were attacking them for signing papers to donate her heart to save another baby’s life.

I can understand their situation, having gone through this myself many times, with my grand mother and Mother.

When people are ill and require care, there is no support for them.
Hospitals count their money instead of valuing a person’s life.
They pressure you to sign paperwork to end it, rather than prolong the inevitable.

But then miracles do happen when you fight back and force them to do their job.
To add ten years to a person’s life is ok by me and I learned not to listen to these doctors a long time ago.
Sometimes how ever, it is best to listen to them , if the brain is dead.
But even so, we only use a portion of our brain and they did find people living, doing remarkable things, like playing the violin, doing chemistry and biology with no brain at all.
Just what is found around the skull perimeter.So it all depends. We may think a person is dead when all he needs is another way to get to a part that is still alive and develop it.
But given we have only 100 years to live on an average, a drop in the bucket, there comes a question of it being worth the trouble?

I was fortunate enough to be able to sit and care for my family members, doing the work the hospital refused to do because of lack of personnel, funds and time.

For months my day consisted of sitting with the sick person from 7:30 to 8:30 at night feeding them, taking them to the toilet, walking them
Making sure they took the pills and behaved. Sick people don’t behave because of the suffering they go through.

Plus the hospital food was lacking in things like fresh salads. I made sure my girls ate cous cous salad full of parsley, garlic, lemon juice, tomatoes and onions,
which gave them lots of natural energy.
Sometimes the hospital would allow me to take the person out to the buffet across the street,
where I’d load them up with tons of things they liked to eat, like cabbage soup. Extremely healthy and good for you.

I recently found out that coconuts have lots of electrolytes in the juice inside them and people should drink more coconuts than Power Aid.
So now I will buy more of them. The drink is enjoyable and actually I miss it because we used to always go for a motor bike ride by the sea, every evening, to enjoy one. It was a good life back then, things we don’t do much these days.
The coconuts were green and here in BC, they are brown.

Well, have an enjoyable day.
Will get back later when I have more things to say and share.


Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

Oh, Baby Caylee (is that how her name is spelled?). She swells my heart right up! You know...organ harvesting is such a 'touchy' issue--all the moral implications and all. I work at a mental health centre in Toronto and my husband is in the OR in a downtown hospital. One thing I've learned working in this environment...Life is too short. Life is precious.
And I just want to LIVE and be HAPPY. (Maybe that oxtail soup will cheer me up!)

A Lady's Life said...

Ya it sure does lift the spirits.
Great soup I love Crock pot.
I want every one to be happy.
Wish for miracles every day and I do believe in them.
I think Doctors can perform them if given the right and the chance.
I've seen them do it many times after telling you they can't.

My experiences were in Montreal in the best two hospitals I know, the Royal Vic and the Montreal General.
I always thought, if they can't do it there, there can't do it anywhere.
Today its all different.
Thanks :)

Fifi Flowers said...

GORGEOUS shot of Eagles!

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks for visiting. I love your blog. It is very beautiful.:)

Anonymous said...

Lovely birds,
wanna look at mine
wink wink wink

A Lady's Life said...

Does it have feathers? lol