Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Homelessness in BC.

We have a huge homeless situation here in BC and I wish there was a solution to the problem.
There always is a solution but no one can seem to agree on things at the same time.

The homeless complain but then you give them an opportunity to get off the street and they complain or refuse the help because it means loss of freedom.
It means rules and laws and they can't function with rules and laws.
Thats why they are on the street.

Addictions require urban rather than rural settings, where it may otherwise be cheaper to live. A rural setting makes it also harder to obtain drugs and therefore would be a better setting for addicts, yet they prefer to sleep on the urban sidewalks. They refuse to move.

Working people have no freedom The better part of their lives is spent behind 4 walls providing for their families and making ends meet . Its not easy with the prices and costs of raising children today.
So why should it be different for people who refuse to function in society but still demand their rights and freedoms?All they end up doing is abusing more and more people and children, pulling them down along with them and make anything you try to do to help them, utterly useless.

Other people who lose jobs, who can otherwise function in society, can't get other new jobs because companies are suffering themselves and there are many in line like them, waiting for anything to come up they can grab onto.

Well families need to step in and give them a hand. Give them something to lean on for a while and they also need some organization which is willing to go out and ask people in the community if they have a spare room to donate for a while, till a person can get his/her life organized again.
No one in my opinion, needs to live on the street.
Farmers hire foreign workers to work on their fields. Why can't they hire homeless people?

There is always a solution. Most people know what the right thing to do is but then we are not doing what needs to be done.
Why this is .... I don't know.

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