Saturday, April 11, 2009

There's a New Babe in Town.
It's in the Valleys that I grow.

An unexpected surprise, with the arrival of a new scooter, has enlightened our family's day.
My Son is hopping for joy as he views this new asset as his own road to freedom and mobility.

I guess the rest of us will have to walk. lol

We have not given it a name nor have we decided on it's gender lol.

All we know is that we are excited and think it is a rather fine addition to the family and the neighborhood, which it will not bother, in the least.

My Son has already taken a friend for a ride and it looks like this little fella will become very popular as we have already obtained more than three customers for the seller.

There....... now it has a gender. I just called it a little fella. lol

Every one ..........Have a wonderful Day.

Mine will be spent in the kitchen making wine leaves, duck and
Easter Bread.

It is a good time to light a candle for all the departed who will not be with us this week end.

Take care and stay safe.
8 year old boy on trumpet


Anonymous said...

How exciting!!
I have always loved those little scooters. wait till your son wants a car. Then you'll be in trouble!!
thanks for the post
Happy easter and blessings!

A Lady's Life said...

Oh ya that is already on order.

We have a money tree in our back
Thanks. :)

A Lady's Life said...

This bike will be great for the campus scene. Its electric, quiet and goes fast enough, for around 65 mi per charge.It requires no license or insurance.