Friday, July 1, 2011




This is a very special day for many people because we are able to celebrate the holiday
with two very special people, William and Kate!

They united our country from coast to coast as so many people traveled to Ottawa to see them and they took their time to enjoy, shake hands and chat with as many people as they could.
Many can go home now excited over having an encounter with a royal.

25 lucky people obtained their Canadian Citizenship today and are able to go home with a picture to tell their loved ones, they were welcomed to Canada by royalty.

Canadian soldiers are coming home from Kandahar.

Over 500,000 people traveled to Parliament Hill to celebrate today
and our Prime Minister Harper and Governor General Johnston
never looked better.

The Air force showed off their Snowbirds.
Our Canadian Entertainers did a wonderful job.
The sun was shining and let's face it, what else can you ask for?

Kate wore her engagement dress and a beautiful hat with a red Maple Leaf on it.
She was gorgeous standing beside her wonderful Prince.
What a lovely couple they make.
God Bless them
God Bless our CANADA!!


George said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful Canada Day with your special guests. Let me add my congratulations to our wonderful northern neighbor and friend,

A Lady's Life said...

Thank you George! Welcome Back.:)

We find this couple to be very refreshing and good role models for the young people and to see William married for love like his grand mother did, is also so sweet.
We hope they become the next king and Queen of England.
We feel close to them because of Lady Diana. She was a wonderful Mom and took her job as a Princess Seriously.Watching her children grow under her was a delight.

Maude Lynn said...

Happy Canada Day!

A Lady's Life said...

Thank you Mama Zen

Trotter said...

Hi Lady! Sorry for the absence; another busy fortnight... No holidays... ;)

Congratulations!! Hope you had a great day!!

Blogtrotter Two is touring Cap Corse... Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!!

A Lady's Life said...

trotter = I am sure you will make up for it lol
You do a lot of travelling lol