Friday, November 7, 2014

Bunny Christmas

It's been soo windy the last three days and very wet. I don't think
even the Canada Geese are very happy. lol
The wind subsided today but who knows if it will begin again.
We do have lots of rain but not  big winds like what we had for a few days now.

Well I finished two more rabbits. One yellow seen here and one beige.
This is a fun project cause you can use wash cloths or even pot holders
if you wanted to. Or maybe even the squares they sell for quilting.
I think if you stuffed them with round sponges they would be nice for baby baths.
Mine are stuffed with cotton so they are only for decoration or dry cribs lol
I'll have to keep my eyes open for the round sponges.

I am debating if I should make one more bunny so they are three and three.
Then I have to begin painting my 6 bulbs for the tree.
 I might stay with the bunny theme.
 The tree will be stuffed with rabbits at this rate. lol
Tanya is a ball girl but Bella loves toys so all these things I am making
for her is a dogs dream store.
I made a crochet ball for her and she loves playing with it along with her Teddy Bear.

 I do love elves  and  raggedy annes so I might have a tree filled with elves  and
 raggedy annes one day.
 Last year it had all my doilies.and the huge bulbs Target was selling lol

One day I will have tree full of flowers. This is how I learn to do things every year
and so enjoy my accomplishments.
All these collections will end up in a garage sale one day cause kids don't appreciate
all the work you put into things.
 I just look at the wonderful things they throw away
at second hand stores. I love to get stuff there for my projects. Its a gold mine and all from
houses of old parents who probably passed on.
Every time I see things (I cherish) being thrown away, I shake my head wondering why ? 
Don't they have family and friends to pass them on to or maybe it really is for charity.
We have a Make a Wish Foundation store here and with all the people it hires, I doubt
there is much to give after all the expenses.Maybe it changed its policy?

Yesterday I tried my hand at making doll eyes. Some came out real nice and will be used.
I can make bunny brooches to hang on the tree and that maybe can be worn when Easter
rolls in.
Oh Canada
My country blessed
Anointed by the hand of God
Endowed with lights and grace.
A lover of all mankind
Forgiver of all sins
Oh Canada the land I love
My mother and my friend.

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