Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Other Worlds.


If you think Sweden is something, Norway is even more
exotic to the eye with its' fiords mountains churches, midnight sun,
and grass covered remote homes.

It is no wonder since Norway is found right off the Atlantic ocean
cleverly attaching itself to Sweden as a peninsula
that looks like a forked tongue.
In Oslo one can take a tour on a double decker bus.
Then there is minke, pilot, humpback and orca sperm whale watching.
 rock climbing.sailing, dog running.
 Norway is famous for shopping for cute trolls and norwegian sweaters
 sea food and rain.

I love flea markets.
In the above video people don't have to be covered from head to toe.

If you like buildings, there is a rich history of fighting heritage found here
and plenty of space to park a boat in but for me it is the beauty one can lose oneself in,
traveling up the fiords.

Today I decided to finally make yeast dough. I hate doing it cause you can't rely on the yeast.
They sell dead yeast. Then there is all the mess from the flour.
Well today the yeast worked and the dough is rising.

So I made the rice and cooked the mince meat with onions garlic and mushrooms and in it went
with the rice and now everything is cooling waiting to stuff the pyroshky.
The pyroshky they sell in the store are really called varenyky. You eat them with
sour creme and fried onions.
The ones I am making you stuff and wait till they rise a bit and then you deep fry them.
They are excellent snack food and for kids to take to school instead of sandwiches.

I also made cabbage soup which came out great and a pan of lamb chops with potato and
cauliflour.which my son gobbled up when he got home from school.
Nice to be young. We can't eat like that anymore . lol God Bless him.

It is such a depressing day with nothing but rain.
Even the dog doesn't need convincing to come inside.lol
 Usually that is hard to do.

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