Friday, November 14, 2014

The Corner Stone.

     From a garden cornerstone a little dwarf
sits and smiles at the world, knowing everything
                         will be ok.

The Cornerstone - Mark 12:1-44
I stand by the cornerstone
I am solid in my stand
Strong of faith in Gods' own son
He who laid this big stone down
It's a marvel to the eye
A test that passed all sense of time
By passing scoffing boasters with no faith and
No foundation to their life
This ol Cornerstone, it rocks
Holds up all truth to love and life
Keeps hope alive for all who trust
In God the Father and the Son.

This ol cornerstone unites
All the corners in our life
And shelters those under its' roof
While others stand alone, aloof.
I stand by this cornerstone and
I am solid where I stand
By the rock of life and faith 
Laid by a gentle lamb called truth .
A Lady's Life



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