Wednesday, November 26, 2014

110 Years of Life

Alice Herz Sommer What a beautiful soul!
This is why I always loved old people.
She lived 110 years. If you visit her twitter account
you can listen to her words of wisdom.

Today was pizza day. Made the dough and it turned out great.
Then I worked on my Elf dolls,  painted the faces and made hair.
Tomorrow I hope to begin dressing them.

Listened to the Fergusin story and what a story.
A black young man robs a store and attacks a police man and the
city is up at arms because the policeman was white.

Well I am not black and also was a young woman driving late at
night (50 years ago) and was stopped in the middle f no where
by a police car. Two officers stepped out of their car and approached
one form each side of the car with their hands on their holsters
I thought Shit! Am I in deep shit.!
They asked me why I was out late at night (11:30) and for my license
 and registration . I did as I was told and then they let me go.

I was shaking the whole way home and mad as hell.
Things that went through my mind, like what if they were not real policemen?
What if they were bad policemen?
I would be found in a ditch whether I stopped or not.

I was not so mad that they stopped me or that they were afraid of me,
as much as I was upset that they stopped me in a dark area with no one else around.
They could have followed me a bit to a better place to stop me
especially if they had no reason to.

Things havent changed much except that today the young people are rude arrogant
disrespectful foul mouthed and don't know how to handle all this freedom they have.
They also have no one to rein them in which makes it even harder for
 the police to do their job.They don't get paid enough to die because of someone
 who is high or crazy.

Kids are getting shot but it's a little too late to cry after the fact.
Maybe the police should be told to shoot at legs and be issued pellet guns
which spread so it is easier to get hit by but are not so lethal .
As for the public... well they have to work together to stop drugs and the rein in children.
Just because they are 18 or 21, doesn;t mean they know everything.
Even old people today are not safe, because you just never know what's on the mind of the next person you meet on the street.
You never felt like this before when people were raised in the church.
 People were all on the same page to do good.

People like Alice are so rare. She went through hell and came out the better for it.


Gattina said...

My Pizza day is on Wednesdays, the cleaning lady was there, the kitchen is clean so I just put a Pizza in the oven,lol !

A Lady's Life said...

Oh lucky woman. Send your maid here after she is done with your house lol