Friday, November 28, 2014

Bonjour La Vie!!

Paris .... The vibrant city of blue skies, love and romance,
keeps one warm , full and gay.

Here, you can let go of what you are and become what you might be.

No one can save us but ourselves
No one has a right to save us,
for  we each walk that path
If we walk in peace, we may find true happiness.

What is interesting is that we laugh at Islamists for killing themselves to
obtain a reward of some  9 virgins in heaven but
Christians also believe they will be rewarded with heaven, for living a good life.

Religion teaches us that we are supposed to be good, because it is the right thing to do,
not because there will be a reward in the after life.

If we do things because there is a reward, then we haven't learned anything at all.

If we look back at the Adam and Eve story, God tried to bribe them by telling them that they
live in paradise because they obey and do not eat of the forbidden fruit.
Paradise was a reward for obeying  the only simple command.

Adam and Eve did not understand why they had to obey and saw nothing wrong in what they did.
They were innocents.
They saw nothing wrong because they did not understand.

God in his mercy, saw that they did not understand  the "why" behind the command. He sent them
away and told them that because they did not obey and found it important to understand the reasoning behind his command, he would give them the opportunity to learn and to understand except now instead of just one command, he would give us 10 simple commands.

Today man finds himself in a truly violent world where no one is truly safe and we are no closer to Gods' truth, than we were when Adam and Eve were created.
We sit in judgement of each other pointing fingers fighting wars , killing...and will continue to do so
unless by some miracle or maybe the mercy of God, to show us before it's too late, the truth
or understanding behind his commands.
We are still children playing with toys and our imaginations because we dare not look into Gods' eyes
to try to understand his commandments.
Playing games is easy. What would our lives be without all the games and excuses and lies?
Try not to play them and live by a few rules.
That is really difficult to do.

In the end, this is where our answer lies, in its' simplicity.
God asks no more of his children than we ask of ours when we try to teach them right from wrong.
The kids learn better than the adults until they get "rights"
not to, which means we do not teach our children and they do not learn and the saga of
Adam and Eve, continues.


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