Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pink Nosed Deer

This is the next item I made for the tree this year.
It is nice when Christmas trees get new stuff every year.

This is a pink nosed deer and still needs antlers if I can get enough
oomph to make them. lol

Just not in the mood to fuddle duddle.

So hard to get into Christmas this year.

This little deer head took over a week to make and it's a few hour job
and still no antlers lol
I embroidered the eyes.

Christmas is about home made things.
It's to show how much you care about the holiday and
the people around you when they get things that are personal.

So for Jesuss' birthday he will have bunnies and deer this year.
I made a few clay birds and maybe will make a few other things
should I get in to a better mood.

 We woke up to an open garage door.

Maybe some kids playing with the remote?
It's easy to do if you know how.
They could open every garage door by just driving by.

I remember my neighbors went on holidays and their garage door
 kept opening and closing.
So I had to call the police. Other wise, if some one was inside,
it would not be wise to be caught there trying to do the right thing.

Have a good one.

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