Monday, November 24, 2014

Holiday Spirit

Gosh This guy put so much meaning into many a girls heart in his time.
 All his songs were so nice and still nice to listen to as you work.

I decided to try my hand with clay.
Got some Crayola air dry clay for 3. 00 at Walmart
(same kind of clay at Michaels is 11.99)

I got upset with Michaels. First they are no help at all when it comes to knowing
their products or even showing you where they are in the store.The employees are young girls and don't do crafts.
They have so much stuff and you don't have the whole day to sift through the store.
Then they are so expensive but people dont seem to care that next door, what they pay 30.00
dollars for at Michaels , they can get for under 3.00 at the Dollar store. The Dollar store has so much nice stuff . I got 3 wreaths for 1.50 a piece Beats the sale at Michaels for 7.99.

I got 4 nice elves out of the clay (about 10 inches long) and made Mary Joseph and baby Jesus
in a cradle for under my tree.
They are all drying.
So guess I have to get more clay to make the stable now but for three bucks for so many things
who is complaining. I might make a whole village and then get the animals at the dollar store.
Will be something different for Christmas. If only I could find the train set to put in the village.
Kids do have their uses lol You collect so many things and they are all in boxes somewhere.
Old toys are excellent to display under the tree on Christmas.

I was so excited to put my own home made eyes into my clay elves . Their
legs bend so they can sit in many positions and the arms go up and down.
If I succeed in painting them I have felt to dress the elves in.
This is my first attempt at doll making so now I can say I have a very good idea how to do it
and next time they will be done even better.

Christmas this year will have some home made stuff to display.
Last year we made Ginger bread houses but after Christmas no one eats them and they collect dust.
I think the dogs got some but all this is not good for them.

When my husband saw the Elves he was elated. He said gosh you have a whole collection. lol
As usual I get carried away.Thing is I don't have Elves so this will be something new.

Slowly I am getting into the painting part. Once the paints come out I might paint the bulbs I have
and then maybe get into painting again on canvas.



Rick said...

Ah Englebert - that'll bring on an attack of nostalgia ("My, My, My Delilah !").

Nice that you're making your own elves - will have more meaning than store-bought ones (likely made in China).

Enjoy your mild weather in BC.

A Lady's Life said...

I think so Rick This is why we also collect all our childrens things from kindergarten. Means nothing to other people but to your own family it means a lot.

Rick Watson said...

When I first read through your post I thought you said your husband saw Elvis :)

I snorted tea out my nose when I realized my error.

A Lady's Life said...

lol Ya I would have done the same thing Rick if he told me that lol

Maude Lynn said...

You are so right about Michaels!

A Lady's Life said...

Mama zen That why I say we have to bring everything back to North America.
Otherwise China will come and buy everything out.
We cant compete.