Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Soul of Winter.

Enya taken from

We will soon have snow .
Our beautiful BC province will become deadly and breathtakingly
We ride through endless mountains and country roads  over taken by
a  winter wonderland, especially beautiful at night when the whole world
seems to glisten under a full clear moon.
On such nights we walk, listening to the crunching of snow underneath our boots,
  breathing the crisp cold air and looking down steep cliffs, that go WAY down,
on the side of the road.

Life is about feasting, in more ways than one.
As people of soul, we enjoy seeing nature quietly sleeping,  as
the peaceful softness of snow replaces whispering leaves
on bough branches,and pine needles on soft forest floors.
 Father Frost turns snow
 into a hard blanket keeping everything icy and warm.

and yet the brooks still run down mountain slopes full of clear
 fresh water and in the distance the howl of a lone wolf ties everything together.
Life ......... death .......... eternity

 Yesterday I watched a movie called Lucy.
It played with the idea that man only uses a small percentage of his brain and
showed what would happen if we could expand our mind through drugs.

Well LSD didn't  do it for us but in this movie another drug did.
However it also made life shorter because it used so much energy in attaining
knowledge that it burnt itself out , thus became everything.
Sorta like God, which makes us wonder if it is better to be like him, in everything,
or inferior to be able to enjoy little bits here and there and live longer doing it,
knowing less.


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