Thursday, November 13, 2014


Romans 12:21 

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Every week I would go after school to the senior citizens home
to give them a whiff of the world outside, they did not see
 much of anymore.

I met Opera singers, teachers, business people, magicians,
lawyers, artists, nurses...... People from every walk of life
were all sitting there without family. If they visited them once
or twice a year, they would bloom, like a budding rose, with joy.

It would be the talk of the town for the next week as they would relate
everything about the dinner they had, the grand children, the son or daughter
they raised. Sometimes the story had to be told many times to those with
alzheimers or by those with

There were a few nasty people. People who could not see, who you had to make sure
were included in everything so they didn't feel lost or forgotten.
The sweetest were the diabetics who were always after you for a bit
more to eat at night.
I wasn't supposed to but I didnt begrudge them a little something.
After all, we all would like a little something before bed time.
I met many very sweet people, who came from very loving blessed homes and yet
here they were, throw aways. Families were to busy living their lives to care for them.

I loved working with seniors. I loved to hear their stories and I loved it how their
eyes would light up when you walked in through the door.

"Is that you darling? " they would ask?
Yes....Mrs..... and how are you today?
I'm fine.
Would you like a little tea before bed time?
That would be wonderful darling.

Sometimes the gentlemen would bring me a little something in terms of
pastry which I brought home to my own Gramma.
They were lonely for some normalcy
and kept there because they had kidney liver or heart problems.

Every day, after talking with them and enjoying them,
 I would wonder why they were all there?
Why did the family not want them anymore.?
How hard could it be to have them at home?
 It's like having another child.

Mr J was a handy man, a manager of a big firm and he was always looking for something to do.
He carried a piece of paper in his pocket telling him things he needed to remember.
So we would find him pretend things to do and he was happy.

Sometimes we'd have a little singing at night, which always got them into a good mood.
The opera singer made excuses for losing her voice but she said she performed in many places.
and we took her at her word.
Another woman kept losing her son ( who was a doctor and married).
She kept telling us to find him all night long until we found a way to make her proud and
not ask for him to be found.

The job prepared me for my own parents who I never expected to get old and lose.
My Mom especially.
The hardest part is having to say good bye and I was never good at that.

Yesterday I was watching a program on the future when people will never die or live to a good 500 yrs. at least. We read about people on the Bible who did that. Well times are coming back.

With clothing that caught and destroyed potential viruses, to nanobots running around
inside their bodies killing cancers Parkinsons and Alzheimers and special skin cell  spray, that kept you looking young, an 80 year old could immediately look 35  and no job was beyond getting.
Can you imagine having a smart old experienced brain, way ahead of all the kids who think they know everything? Getting a job would be a cinch.

 They say all  this is only 20 years away.

Yup ...we are entering another Golden Age of progress.
A day will come when all who passed on, will rise from the dead, as science learns how to regenerate dead cells. It was promised in the Bible by God and here science is telling us that it is possible.
All this was written and now seems will one day come to pass so they are not lies as evil tells us it is.

Until then... let Gramma hold you a little longer, rock you a little more,
tell you another story with a smile she always carries so.

Tell her that you love her, that sooo will make her day.
And Grand dads are no different, they are all the same.


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