Monday, June 2, 2014

All's in Bloom

These pink Carnations are lasting more than a week and still look soo good.

The weather outside is gorgeous and the grass is growing lol

Bella wants me to play with her and sits trying to interact all the time
I have never had such a blabber mouth dog before. lol
She is soo smart. I wish I could talk dog language.
 I have to try to teach her tricks.

Life  thus seems to be all in bloom both inside and outside.

So as not to cook, my husband takes me out for Donair to this new place that opened up.
They fill up their donairs so thick for 4 dollars and you can also get the falafel which is very healthy for you.

We played with Bella. She is like a real baby requiring all your attention.
I think if there was an after life, she must have been a person.

My dress is coming along. I just have the sleeves left to do.
It is so pretty. I will have to make another one.
Little girls dressed like this, are to die for, CUTE!!!
I think if they don't have things to wear under neath (which they do) a little
crinolyn would be nice to add to this outfit.
I can't wait to see it finished..



Gattina said...

Puppies keep you busy like babies, lol ! BTW Mr. G. is in great walking conditions, he is only too lazy !

A Lady's Life said...

I love my pup Gattina.She really keeps me going.

Anji said...

2nd puppy post today; there must be a lot of exhausted puppy owners out there.

Flowers given in sincerity last longer!

A Lady's Life said...

Anji we love her so much I don't think we will ever tire of looking at her.
She is the kind of dog you just want to kiss all the time.
The way she looks at you always keeps you smiling.