Monday, June 16, 2014

Life As We Know It.

New born outfit with flower appliques.

A red Peonie in my garden with yellow center.

It is a blessing to have things like this to look at as opposed
 to what is going on over seas. The people who want peace
are living hell on earth and all for what?


Unknown said...

Love the outfit. I am sure the lucky baby wearing it will look super adorable.

Rick Watson said...

I've never seen a red peonie. Ours are pink and white.
This one is beautiful.

A Lady's Life said...

Rick I never have either. Mine have always been pink.
But here you go. Maybe its a HOT pink lol

Janice Kay Schaub said...

I wish I could grow peonies. My dad always grew beautiful ones. I live in Michigan and just do not have enough sun in my garden it seems.

A Lady's Life said...

My flowers dont do well here so when I have some I rejoice. Too many animals munching away. lol
I love to explore and do things like you do. I try to learn something new every day because life is about learning.I am sad old ways get forgotten when they could save your life one day.Women today dont know survival skills like our grand mothers did.Pays to learn.