Thursday, June 26, 2014

Trial and Death of Socrates.

One for the money.
 Two for the show.
 Three to get ready and
Four to go.

Platos' Trial and Death of Socrates was an interesting story.
I could not believe that a man like Socrates, could be sentenced to death for thinking and asking questions and teaching students to think.

He did not believe in the dieties of that time.
His death resulted from drinking hemlock in Athens in 399 BC.

Apparently none of Socrates works survived.
It is only through the eyes of Plato, that he is kept alive for so many years
as a philosopher and scholar.

Socrates  was not a follower of Democracy or mob rule..
He believed policy should be made by people with genuine knowledge and
 professional competence.

Men who deserved the name of "honorable man" should rule.

I like to compare this thought to today, when we elect people for their acting abilities,
 rather than knowledge and competence and actual love for the country
 they become leaders of.

This book gives lots to think about.


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