Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tiny Steps Moving Forward

Adjustable hat and booties.

I finished these today. They were not hard to do and the results
sure enlighten you.
The day was dull.
We waited and waited for the rain and finally a few
drops did honor us with their presence.
We made bouillabaisse 
 today with seafood with a side of rice, tomatoes and cucumbers.

For supper I had this fresh arab bread and made a pizza on it.
It took next to no time at all since the oven was already preheated.
Nothing like home made.
I looked through all my recipes I am trying to write them down in a book
because trusting a computer to keep your stuff is asking for trouble.
Something goes wrong, you lose it all.So I try to keep copies as I go along.

Apart from watching the world cup in soccer nothing much new.
Spain is out so I will not win  my lottery .
Filipe the 6th has become Spains' new King how ever.
This will give them other things to celebrate.
I think it is a good idea to keep people busy with celebrations.
Young people especially will grow with many good memories.

In BC we are having a problem with the oil pipe line.
BC people don't seem to want it saying it's not worth the risk.
If cleaning will be anything like the roads we have here,
it would be next to impossible to do it.
Under normal circumstances it might not be a bad
idea but with the volatile world we live in politically
and all the enemies the oil companies make with the people
it just takes one person.....
I don't understand why they play so many head games with
gas prices. It's just not right.



Gattina said...

Your knitted booties remind me that I got a lot of them for my son's birth and then his feet were so big, that none fit ! lol !
I am fed up with soccer ! Belgium turns crazy ! Fortunately we don't watch, but the streets are full of supporters and flags are hanging out everywhere !

A Lady's Life said...

hahaha I know Thats why I make them bigger.These will fit 3- 6 months.
They are good to sleep with to keep tootsies warm.
Seems there is a lot of trouble with Fifa. The make billions of dollars and don't pay taxes.They don't call themselves a business but apparently they are.