Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Butterfly Effect

These are the latest butterflies. I made a few more since
 these pics were taken. They are so much fun to make and
 great to sew on many projects as well as pins for hair and
blouses. I thought they would make for great napkin holders.

Every doily could use one with a leaf and flower.
 Little girl dresses and hats and chokers for teens.

 It's amazing how thread made such a hit throughout the ages.
 Women specially, love to work with it and create so many
 amazing things. Thread has become the oldest art form.

 So now they are added to my bag of flowers waiting to be used.
 When I went to Walmart, they had little pouches of about 6 little
machine made flowers, leaves etc.. for hobbies and they
 charged 2.99 a pouch.
 Ok ........professional but not craft.
 Nothing beats hand made craft projects.
 The old west was won by piecework.
Life is lived through piecework.

 I don't think anything worth something is machine done
because it just doesn't have the spirit behind . This is why
 I get discouraged when people throw things away which
 belong to their family because it was made by loving hands,
 especially for them.

 People throw things away and thus have become themselves
 throw aways.
 Lost souls who flutter away like these butterflies.


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