Monday, June 9, 2014

To Pan or Not to Pan

Latest hat with buttons. I added buttons to the booties so have a set now.

Today is a beautiful day. Made french toast for break fast.
 Son power washed the balcony so it is nice and clean now.
He took down all the flower pots from last year.

My hibiscus continues to flower but the flower can only be enjoyed a day.
So sad.

 The news continues to be distasteful.

  I got 4 small metal rounds to cook things in the pan with,
so they keep the round shape. Each piece was 1.45 so I thought man,
 highway robbery and here I was throwing cans away from sauces and beans.

 So now I use the can opener to cut off both ends and then
I cut the can in two and now I have a lot more round shape containers
 I can use in a pan to make eggs, scones, pancakes, and what ever.

I thought to next time, cut the coffee cans into 4 round pieces to make pan pizzas.
This way you can make 4 at a time either in 4 pans or in the oven.

Heck you can even make 6 or 8 individual sized pizzas at a time for those soccer
games people come to watch on TV.
It's not hard to do and recycles the can and you don't feel bad when they get lost.

The days fly by. I slept so well last night with the ceiling fan and woke up refreshed.
 I know the designers say they are old fashioned but for me they are the best.
They keep the house cool and you don't have to worry about opening doors to
let in fresh air like you do with air con.
I play with my beautiful dogs who cheer me up big time. Bella now uses Tanyas' box
and collects shoes balls plastic bottles she likes to crackle, etc..
When Tanya wants to find something , she goes to the box to steal it from Bella.
They keep each other busy this way all day. lol
Its funny cause Bella comes and picks up one shoe at a time,
 carries it somewhere in the house
and then comes to get the other one and places them together.
 So even though the shoes
disappear, when you find them, they are together. lol

Hope you all have a wonderful day.


Gattina said...

The sun is shining and I feel like on holidays ! My cats keep me company !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina sometimes there is no place like home lol

Sandy Carlson said...

You are so talented. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks My World and you are welcome.