Friday, June 20, 2014

Chuck Wagon Canary.

I had a canary named Chicklet.
He had a moppy head, fluffy wings and legs.
He was a darling and sang all day long.
I had him perched over my kitchen sink, behind a window,
 surrounded by spider plants. He was very happy there
and so was I doing  dishes and making supper.
He made chores seem like fun. Back then, being young,
love was every where around me.

The Chinese love surrounding themselves with song birds.
They would bring their cages into a park setting and
 hang them on tree branches and while they socialized,
a judge sat and judged the bird who had the best disposition
and sang all day long and it got the blue ribbon.

Many times I'd walk and find these cages hanging on tree branches
and it was quite lovely to see.
I wish we would do the same thing here,
but not many people are into birds and well, probably the
 weather is not the best for them either.

I found this Chuck Wagon link for recipes, from the old west.
I thought it was interesting.
It comes from a time when things were scarce to buy and when people
worked herding cattle on grassy plains.
Women had to know how to keep food from spoiling. There were no
refridgerators back then.

One might get a notion to try one of these recipes.
I know I had one for vinegar pie crust I liked and I found one similar
here. Would be good to have lying around in case
 we end up with no power.
Kinda like survival skills.



George said...

I was amazed at the bird cages many of the older people in China had with them. It was obvious that the birds were special companions. I'm glad you had Chicklet to enjoy.

Julia said...

Thanks for your visit and comment.

I think that people are way too busy to care for caged birds now a day or just don't like to see a bird prisoner in a gage.

I used to have canaries when the kids were young and I let them out of the cage in the house to give them some freedom and when they were ready for food, they returned in the cage.

You do some nice crocheting. I assume that you live in Canada. You have nothing in your profile that tells a bit about you..