Monday, June 30, 2014


These are so cute and fun to make and add to a little basket
for kids to play with or to put into a big bowl in your family room
or to add around a plant in a wide clear vase or even place into the dining room hutch.
I think they would make nice toys to hang in  a childs crib or book case.

Sitting outside, doing these little  things is very healthy for both adults and kids.
I remember sitting by my Dad when he fiddled with his motors and cars.
He loved cars but he would not teach me. He said I should go wear a dress
and be a lady keeping my hands white.
This is why women wore white gloves and slept in gloves full of creme at night.
Kept the germs away too.
So apart from handing him tools and washing the car, I spent my time curling my hair.
It didn't curl much then and it doesnt curl today.
 Teasing was in style and along with wonderful hair spray. I managed to make some nice doos on myself and my Mom . She loved me doing her hair.
I also loved the layer look when they used a blade to cut the hair. It did give it a nice look.
 Most hair dressers today are not taught this method of cutting hair.
So when I see an old guy I head straight for him/her.

I got into dress making watching my grand mother cut and sew. She was a professionally taught lady
and knew the world of design. If it wasn't for the wars and revolutions, I am sure she would have done something wonderful with her life and talent.
 As it happens, getting nice material to work with was not easy and very expensive but it sure beats the throw away clothing we spend tons on today.

Women today rather spend on cheap clothing ( me included) than buy a sewing machine, not helping the local apparel industry at all.. I love sewing but it costs me a lot more buying thread and material to work with ,than going to the store and buying it ready made. Imagine buying a pair of jeans for 5 dollars. The jean material you would need to make the jeans, costs more than that ,plus the pattern plus the time to make them, plus the expense of buying the machine.
Makes me wonder how they can do this with shipping costs salaries plus the material.
Something is wrong there .
 It means we can't get supplies here, made in our own homeland.

Today lace is not in fashion but as I discover the world of lace, it is an interesting world
with so much to learn and should not be limited to bridal gowns. Women used to sit making it, chatting over social evenings. I had an Italian neighbor who did lace piecework at home.
It was a nice past time for her and made her a few dollars.

 I love the Irish lace and found a link where it was shown how they take all the pieces and sew them together to make one beautiful piece of garment.
I course I would cut the garment to be made before laying down the lace as it is time consuming to make but well worth it in the end result. There is a big difference in lace made by machine and lace made by hand.

I also got myself a knitting machine but was disappointed to see that it did not make the same kind of
texture a hand made knit piece made.
So unless you want to hide the under side behind some other material, it would not look nice turned over or rolled.

So much to learn and keep busy .
Sure beats yelling and screaming on the street.


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