Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tea for Two Tidbits.

I have been busy enjoying the sunshine, cutting grass, rewriting
 my recipes and cooking new meals. I
still need to transplant my house flowers with fresh soil.
No time for tea and tidbits although I would love to have these little
people wearing my clothes around me. lol
When I was a kid I had my dolls and story books and I was in love with the black
shoes in one of them. I thought, when I grow up, I will have a little girl
and buy her these same shoes. Well I never did cause I have boys. lol

The top pinafour was so easy and fun to make and turned out
so pretty with the blue button. It would fit a 6 month baby.

The pink out fit was also easy and fun to make using cluster stitches.
I especially love the hat and the fact that it is a yoke pattern.
 The button on the hat and the sweater is a daisy.
It is certain to keep a little one toasty warm.

I love these as well. The lacy hat and booties are soooo soft.
I will have to make another lacy hat since I have two sets of booties.
The top of the booties have picot edgings.
I could not make pom poms for them .
Booties are so much fun to make for tiny feet.

I love this pinafour. The colors are soft, as well as the piece itself.
I could caress it all day.The picture did not come out well so I will
have to redo it. I am sure it is for a 6 mo to a year old baby.

This little shell outfit is for a new born with silver buttons
and picot edgings. I can't imagine my son today but he did fit
 t shirts as small as

So much for the outfits I made so far.

Today  was a somewhat productive morning.
Put the chicken and potato with okra to bake.
Rewrote some recipes into my journal. I have some really good egg recipes.

I found my old mayo recipe using dry mustard. I used to love making that mayo.
Its french. Nothing you buy in stores today compares to it.

Lately I carry my recipes with me cause I forget what needs to be put into them once I get to the store. So when I get there I look up what I want to make and then buy for that day.
Began a new christening dress in crochet . I already did the neck line and think now the sleeves and skirt will start. I did not check the pattern.

I love christening dresses. We used to have such beautiful ones when I was a kid and today they keep it simple.
But I would love to get the lace and sew a few the way they were made before.

Really have to get that sewing machine out again.

Bella is becoming a pain in the ass lol
Every time I lie down she comes and barks at me to get up.
I have to put my feet up but she says no put them down and then she sleeps beside them. lol

I really love this dog She is so expressive and her young spirit is very attractive to my old one. She keeps me smiling . All young life is beautiful because of its' innocence.

Beau is happy getting his walkies and Tanya just has her eyes peeled to everything the little one wants or has so she can take it away. Lately it is the squeeky ball.

The little one is already longer than she is and quite fluffy. I keep thinking she is a black angora cat. then I see she is a dog. lol
Yesterday we came across a beautiful bandit looking cat.
It had a black bandits' band around the eyes and the rest of it was gold.

Such a beautiful cat. I will have to take a picture of it if I see it again.
 I have never seen one like it before and well Bella saw it too and flipped out. lol

Yup, the old cat thought, well this ain't good and casually walked away.
This Bella will have to learn that cats are out of bounds.
If this was Tatty, he would stand his ground.
The other animals were raised with cats so for them a cat means nothing but
 for Bella this is all new.

Hope you  are all happy and healthy keeping busy with the spring weather.


George said...

You've been very busy making those beautiful baby outfits. I'm very impressed with your talent. It sounds as if Bella is going to have to learn about cats, but she does sound like a wonderful companion.

A Lady's Life said...

George, when my children were babies my husband and I would go out on a date alone. We had such a lousy time because we kept thinking about the baby and if it was ok or crying.
Bella is like a real child. She hates to be left behind and when we go out we sit and think about Bella wondering if she is ok or crying.We hate leaving her behind.
My kids took a walk with Beau and when they were coming home they could hear her crying outside and said must be my parents aren't home.She isnt alone cause Tanya is with her but Tanya is not

Unknown said...

Wow. What talent. If I had a little one, boy would they look stunning in your outfits.

Akelamalu said...

All your knitted items are beautiful! I used to love knitting but can't do it anymore because of the arthritis in my fingers (they go dead).

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Akelamalu
Thats so sad about the arthritis.

A Lady's Life said...

Lady lilith I wish I had someone to wear them so I just keep them for presents or something.