Sunday, October 23, 2011

The World in Vegas

It's not just for gambling.
Vegas has turned into a new world full of beauty fantasy and romance.
America sure has an eye for beauty.
I hear the food is excellent too.
Lots of business goes on here.

In fact it might be cheaper living in Vegas than in you own home
The Fitzgerald offers rooms for $25 a night.
Others range from 27.00 39.00 59.00 299.00 depending on the busy season.

Some complain about the hotel food selection and the changing of sheets in the cheap rooms but for 27.00 a night , can you really expect more?

That's like 810.00 a month for 2.
Compare that to retirement home costs or paying taxes and utility bills alone today.

Meals begin at $4.99 and old people usually share 5.00 dollar meals but even if they don't 10.00 per day for two = 300 for a month

I think the future for old people could very well become a hotel stay judging by the way things are going but surrounded by other hotels, it could very well be a real treat too if they give you a years' lease. lol
And then once you get tired you can move on to another place with a different view.

RV'ing could be a good life too if you have your health.
In Vegas you can visit countries you never thought you'd be able to visit and its just a short hop skip and jump away. The weather is dry, good for the bones.


Don't gamble.

Travelling with soccer kids I see many old couples doing just this sort of thing and hotels also take in patients after an operation, to recover in their hotel. Its cheaper than a hospital stay.

I wonder what they have for kids for Halloween?


Diane Stringam Tolley said...

I'm sure I saw a sign that said 'Kids Stay Free'. I'm thinking of taking mine and dropping them off.

George said...

We didn't see any of these bargains when we were in Vegas this summer. But to be fair, we were only there for one night. It was neat to see the casinos after dark, however.

A Lady's Life said...

lol Diane they will have to take them lol I am sure they have fine print

A Lady's Life said...

I guess you came in the busy season George Off season its different and then there must be specials for long term customers