Sunday, October 2, 2011


These are a few more souvenirs I have.
the carved horn is something I treasure.
The boomerang is an interesting tool once used by the aboriginals
and the third item is what Crocodile Dundee used, a bull roarer.
It is attached by a string and swung around creating a noise so animals go where you want them to go.

The new copyright law changes in Canada, will affect young people more so than older people.
Young people have no jobs so who is supposed to pay the fines?

Old people have no use for the new kind of music and in fact, would rather it not be played at all.

So to add insult, to going so far as to be accused of injuring these new artists' financial gain, is obsurd.

Copy right infringes.

If something is on tv, it has been already purchased to publicize and to record.

If something is for sale on the net, they should not have to put locks on it.
Just put the title and say it's for sale.
If you have to put locks, it means you want and expect to be broken in.

It's like lending money to a person.
I was always taught, when you lend money, say good bye to it and be pleased if the person you lent it to, is honorable enough to return it to you.

It's a thing called a gentlemans' agreement.
Other wise you will be like the Mafia, forced to break legs and this is what these artists are doing.
They are finding ways to break legs through legal means by fining.

If something is on the radio it is already purchased to air.


And requiring cable today to watch and listen, to just about anything,
also means the networks and the people paid for the rights to watch and listen and to rewatch and relisten.

How many times do you have to pay and re pay for something?

These actors, how much money exactly, do they want to make.?
Even Bill Gates has to change his products to continue to make money.

This is a cash cow and should be illegal to fine people for using what is forced on them to watch and listen to already.

We can't stop garbage entering our homes and to our childrens' ears and now we have to pay for it, if it gets copied by people who can't afford it anyway.
They put things out there to fabricate criminals.
They may as well take a society of people and put them all in jail, so Angelina Jolie and Brad can adopt another kid to drag around behind them and smoke pot and another
Charlie Sheen to show people how vice pays and rappers to buy more guns for gang
war fare. The list is long.

If they don't want people to listen and copy, they should
and just keep it to themselves.

They already made money on it and enough is enough.
A normal guy , should make so much money at work doing it the hard way, to feed his family
and now he has to pay for these spoiled rotten artists for products he doesn't want his kids listening to or watching.

Well I'm complaining lol

Have a great day!
At Penn State University , there were four sophomores taking chemistry and
all of them had an 'A' so far. These four friends were so confident that,
the weekend before finals, they decided to visit some friends and have a
big party. They had a great time but, after all the hearty partying, they
slept all day Sunday and didn't make it back to Penn State until early
Monday morning.

Rather than taking the final then, they decided that after the final they
would explain to their professor why they missed it. They said that they
visited friends but on the way back they had a flat tire. As a result, they
missed the final. The professor agreed they could make up the final the next

The guys were excited and relieved. They studied that night for the exam.
The next day the Professor placed them in separate rooms and gave them a
test booklet. They quickly answered the first problem worth 5 points. Cool,
they thought!

Each one in separate rooms, thinking this was going to
be easy....then they turned the page. On the second page was written....

For 95 points: Which tire? _________


Zuzana said...

Beautiful items there is also two boomerangs purchased in Australia in my new home and they work.;)
Absolutely agree with you on the copy right issues, well said.;)

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Zuzana

Maude Lynn said...

That joke is hilarious!

Olga said...

I prefer a simple life. So, I listen to classical music radio, and I don't have a TV at all.

A Lady's Life said...

thanks mama zen

A Lady's Life said...

Olga - I know me. too lol