Friday, October 21, 2011

mephistopolese helen and faust by goethe

Goethes' Faust is an excellent poem for intellects to read.

It took Goethe most of his life to write it and it is mostly studied in Europe.

In it he dealt with God and the devil, good and evil,sexuality and mortality.

The story is about a scholar,Faust,who made a deal with Mephitopolese, the devils' assistant,that he would be given 24 years of unlimited knowledge and pleasure in return for his soul and then to be eternally damned.

The first thing Faust did was destroy a beautiful innocent maiden named Gretchen. She died and went to heaven and pleaded with God to save Faust and let him into heaven, which God did because of her innocence. So it wasn't easy for the devil to take Faust even with the deal they made.
The poem has a lot of twists and turns which is like life we live,turning a person from good to bad, dying and living again as the soul lives in daily torment.
As Goethe grows so do his readers.
Glen Williamsson acts out the story of Mephistopolese, Helen and Homunculus.

Mephistopolese is the devils assistant

Homunculus - comes from a vision Zosimos had in the 3rd century AD.
The vision had to do with encountering a man who pierced himself with a sword, went into torment suffering blood red eyes and eating from within himself, sorta like a dragon eating his own tail, eventually changing into a golem (an artificial creature created by magic, often to serve its creator, God?)but with a sense of will and intelligence.
(Frankenstein was used as an example of a golem as was Adam from the bible)

In this story Homunculus looks for a way to originate and enters the Queen Helen.

Mephistopolese meanwhile changes into Helens' husbands' servant who also awaits Helens' husband Mineleus, to return from the Trojan war.
Mephistopoleses' aim is as always, to obtain Fausts' soul.

Goethe explores things by making life complicated. It is no different from the way we experience life, living in chaos, which is complicated and torments the soul.
How many of us will the devil succeed to trick?
How many will have an innocent in heaven, who will speak to God for us, to redeem our soul?

This is an interesting poem to read and fits into the scope of Halloween.
Faith is no help .............Knowledge is no help either

This is a silent movie from Openflix for grownups .
One comment said:The channel's initiative to publish this movie here is admirable. However, I really recommend a Kino version (this version, with the Timothy Brock soundtrack) in a higher resolution, 240p simply isn't enough. There are too much artifacts, and the video is too dark... the movie has a much higher quality than this in terms of image. I wish Openflix would upload this again in HD =/

If you have time to watch it's worth it.


Gattina said...

Oh geez ! I feel back to school !

A Lady's Life said...

gattina - did you study goethe?
We never did.

Diane Stringam Tolley said...

We loved this poem growing up. So much evil. So much good. Forgiveness. Damnation. Great holiday fun! :)

A Lady's Life said...

diane - A true fan of literature :)