Sunday, October 9, 2011

From Wolves to Men

I love this picture of the whole family enjoying a meal with the family dog.
Having had a wolf visiting my household, I know this picture could very well replace the dog with the wolf and it would be no different. Animals today take up human characteristics and through proper breeding so could wild animals.
One day, changing wolves into men will not be a hard thing to do.

I seem to remember in the past, this is what the church was all about.
Saving souls.
It made it its' job, to pick up the lost, the forlorn and offer them salvation .
Criminals had a choice between going to jail or running to the Church, where they would promise to obey the rules and devote the rest of their lives, to the service of God.
And it was here, that the church turned
wolves into men.

Can anyone imagine, how humbling it must feel, for both the criminal and the worshiper
to stand before God in a confessional?

Ones hears all the sins of the so called good folk and the other
bows his/her head down, to be blessed, forgiven and penanced by a criminal
and no one knew what was happening.

Children were given blessings and taught by criminals every day and none of them hurt
one child.
What the church did, was perform a miracle and they performed many.

And then one falls.
One can't change from a wolf to a man and the media gets hold of it and tears the church down.
The media has no access to the jails to see what goes on there but they do access the church because the aim is to judge and criticize, to sell papers.

Well, I can say I bowed down to many a criminal.
I kissed hands of murderers, rapists, pedophiles and who knows who else, not ever knowing who this person was, except a man of God, blessing me and forgiving my sins, such as they

Every one of them showed nothing but goodness and kindness.
Every one of them was humbled by the very fact that a child, an innocent, a lamb, was brought up to be good enough, not to judge a man for his suffering and for the crimes he committed.

The church offered these crucified people, a chance to begin a new life.
It offered them rebirth.

Today when I look back, I am astonished,
Because the church did not just preach God but lived it too.

and no one knew.

Today, everything has changed.
Churches close their doors and fear the very people they are supposed to collect and perform their miracles on.

They want good people and they judge them.
We go to church expecting miracles but we do not go to denounce our sins,
as those priests and monks did, when they accepted God into their hearts instead of a jail full of criminals. It was a wise choice.
One could say it was a holy calling.

I find this mind blowing and thought that people would benefit to understand that in the past
this was the churches' purpose.

It was poor, humble and performed miracles every day
as Jesus did in his time and
in his name

Have great Day!!


SandyCarlson said...

Your post has me thinking about how off church I am for the very reasons you mention. Trust v. Law. We are all in a tough spot.

A Lady's Life said...

sandy - every where you look it's all the same.
The only way is to understand what is happening,why,and to try to do better oneself.
One person = two people = three and so on.....till it makes a difference.

Baron's Life said...

Lady it's gonna take a long long long time to make a difference if any

A Lady's Life said...

baron - It was GOds' will for man to live because wolves can be turned into men.
No one has the right to oppose his decision for he has a plan and it is this plan alone which will make the difference.