Saturday, October 8, 2011

quit eggin around

Reading young peoples blogs, I find them confusing Christianity with the world.
Many are disillusioned with God.
They say religion screws them up lol

I have to laugh because most of them do not know religion enough to make a statement like this.
Most do not realize it's not religion that screwed them up, but they themselves screwed themselves up.
Christian religion is only a guide to learn from.
Life decisions come from people.
Jesus was a shepherd and he is always pictured with lambs, who were always led astray and slaughtered.
His job was to protect and defend them by supplying them with tools of wisdom.
The tools were the scriptures he inspired the people of his time with.

A smart lamb stays in the middle of the flock for safety
The stray lamb usually finds death lurking behind it because predators are many.

This is just a fact of life.
No mystery or threat there.
Jesus was about family and this week end being Thanks giving in Canada
is a good week end to discuss what family is.

Kids often ask, if we are Christian, are we separated from the world?
The world is sinful.
The world is lost.
The world lacks guidance.
The world lacks leaders.
The world rejects God.
Yes, all of the above is true.
A Christian, is very much a part of the world because it is Christs' wisdom they
impart to it.
But it takes time to develop a Christian.
It takes time to raise a Christian through love.
Jesus taught about love of family.
For what is more sacred than the love between a Mother a Father and a child?
Family is sacred.
Before throwing your family away, one has to understand
by doing this, you throw yourself away.
You take yourself out of the circle of safety promise and love and become a stray.
It's an old story but it never changes
Can a lamb survive amongst wolves?
He needs a hand of God to save him by pulling him away.
A Christian is this hand of God working towards a better good.
A Christian tries to empower another with words of his wisdom.
What the other does with this wisdom
is up to him.
But he has a chance to reflect before leaving and straying again.

This is what parents do.
They become the arch enemy because they say the word no.
But if they didn't care, why would they bother?
Parents are not perfect but they do care and they always want their kids to be better.
So they work harder to try to make it so.
And if one day the lambs make it to educated maturity
they will realize why they made it.
They made it because a Mother and Father gave up their freedom for them.
They struggled to raise a family
And when the world showed up at their door to tell them to
stop eggin around.....
They said


Happy Thanks Giving!

Have a Blessed Day Canada.


Gattina said...

I can understand young people that they are disgusted by the church. Belgium is a catholic country there is nothing else, the priests are old and oldfashioned, the catholic church was shaken by the pedophile scandals, so many people young or old created their own beliefs. They probably believe in God but not in a church !! Big difference !
Interesting to know how prepare snails ! Sounds much better !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - the thing about pedophilia
is that this is a one person thing.The church can no more control this than a parent can when a child decides to go rogue.What one person does is not what the church promotes.
The same can be said when the church allows for gay priests and women priests. It dilutes the faith and so it becomes meaningless.

Baron's Life said...

where is this world going to?

A Lady's Life said...

baron - your guess is as good as mine lol One hopes towards a better good.