Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Be woo 'd by the Armenian duduk and enjoy the view in what is known as the first Christian land which seems to not have changed in beauty and reverence. The land bestows relics of old churches surrounded by vast beauty. The sound of the hypnotic dukuk is so pleasing to the ear and feeds the soul.
I can only think that if all the streets were filled with it, love would explode beyond the clouds higher than Mt Ararat all the way to the ears of the Angels which are probably guarding the secret of Noahs' Arc . No one is allowed up into that area and one has to wonder why?

Why does Armenia not want it found and allow tourists to come and see history as it was so long ago. I mean, Africa boasts of it being the cradle of civilization. Should we not learn while we still have things to learn from?

On the Turkey side of Mt Ararat in 2007 Some International Scientists found something they believe to be Noahs Arc but the debate continues as they are still not sure.

As you can see, I really enjoy the duduk and the old churches and landscape of Armenia.
Mount Ararat Looks so majestic in the back ground.

With so much beauty in the world, I wonder why people look to find reasons to fight .
Love and understanding can be spread by allowing the world in, to enjoy culture, language, traditions music and landscape.
There is so much food for thought to digest and it's so much healthier to climb a mountain to see something special.
People should visit other lands to see and learn to understand for themselves
how it is somewhere else.
Then we could concentrate on saving history rather than destroying it.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Lady,
I have come across your blog by accident whilst I was looking for travel stories...this post is amazing...while Armenia was never on my mind, I am now considering visiting it next summer...could be a different experience. Thanks for sharing this info with us

Anonymous said...

Oh my Lady's must forgive me for not visiting you in a long have always been the voluptuous object of my dreams...but I do have a very jealous wife who would bite if she discovered I had the hots for it possible for me to email you any time soon...lemme know

A Lady's Life said...

Well hello.......two anonymous strangers lol

Glad you liked the blog.
After watching the video I agree that there is much to see and enjoy in Armenia . I especially like the duduk and instrument I never knew existed before but sounds like a saxaphone. Thats another instrument I like.
JDS You poor lost soul.
You wife must be a terrible woman
I should have a word with her. lol
Thanks for visiting.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi A Lady's Life .. that video was beautiful .. it looks a gorgeous country with so much history .. and the duduk does give us wonderful sounds ...

Thanks for posting - I had some friends who went out to Arafat in the late 1960s and never returned .. always sort of puzzled me .. I loved seeing this post .. great - Hilary

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Hilary - I keep coming back to it for the Noahs arc story.It's supposed to be out there somewhere lol
But then you come across such beauty you have to stop and take a look.