Friday, October 14, 2011

moments of truth

Woa! I am impressed!

It sure looks painful but how ingenious!


As stories go there was a funny one from Egypt.

An expat family living there had a women come in to cook, clean, and do laundry.

She worked very hard and after finishing one home would go to another.

Pay day, the employer asked her about her family and complimented her about how good a job she did.

One day the conversation came to her husband who always seemed unemployed.

So the employer asked the maid why her husband never worked while she worked so hard.

The maid replied:

" Oh my husband is very intelligent and educated so he has a very hard time finding a job."

"Really." replied the employer." Did he finish going to school?

"Oh yes, he did" replied the maid proudly.

"He received his birth certificate you know."

Now this is a true story............... so I will leave it at that .



Ryanair in England sports cheap flights.


London - Dublin = 14.99 pounds or 23.70 US dollars

London - Dusseldorf = 9.99 pounds or 15.80 US dollars

L ondon - Fuertoventura = 30.99 pounds or 49.00 US dollars

Catch? 1 bathroom for 189 passengers

In previous bids to bring down airfare, or at least cater to Ryanair’s idea of what travellers want, the airline has floated the idea of flying with just one pilot per flight, adopting standing-room only trips and even child-free flights, which Ryanair says are coming this fall.

Compare this to Air Canada flights from Vancouver - Calgary = 365.00 Canadian or 357.00 US

for a short flight having less toilets might be ok but now we're trippin with one pilot and standing room trips. Planes are already sardine cans.

and no children is clearly discrimination. lol


Olga said...

When I visit your blog, I find so much fascinating stuff that it gives me food for thought till the end of the day.
For instance, this video :)

A Lady's Life said...

olga - living is learning lol

George said...

I think I'll leave magic to someone else. I like the story about the Egyptian intellectual, and you've explained why I avoid flying whenever possible.

A Lady's Life said...

George I thought magic is good for Halloween. Some kids may want to try it out.
Flying has become the pits lately with all the security and prices and weight restrictions now the toilets lol

Gattina said...

I took Ryanair from Brussels to Marseille in France and was very satisfied with service and price. Mr. G. took it from Brussels to Venice and also was very satisfied. There also were two toilets on board and the personel very friendly. I don't know why people are always talking badly about Ryanair ? Anyway they are not allowed to do what they want in Belgium, they have to follow the Belgian rules !

A Lady's Life said...

gattina - for short flights its ok but now they want to make all these changes. The prices are much cheaper to fly with Ryanair than our prices here in Canada and then we, on top of the high prices, we have to pay airport taxes. So every year you seem to get less while the prices keep going up.
When we want to fly we go to the US and fly from there cause its cheaper.

Baron's Life said...

I love your unique sense of humor my good to read yolur stuff...ever consider writing a novel?

A Lady's Life said...

baron - maybe one day lol
one needs ones' space