Thursday, September 30, 2010

we are not alone

A new planet was discovered 20 light years away.or 120,000 000 000 000 mi
Going at 30 km/sec would take us 200,000 years to get there .
Our planet and this one are known as the Goldilocks Zone meaning we live in a place where
the water is neither too cold not too hot to support life.
This new planet has a mass 5 times the Earth's.
It has a diameter of 12,000 miles as opposed to the Earth which is 8 ooo from pole to pole

We are 93million mi away from our sun and the new planet is 6 million miles away
It orbits quickly so its' year is 13 of our days
with a higher gravity and more solar radiation
This planet would have had billions of years to develop life

So now scientists believe we are not alone There must be other planets out there similar to our own.


George said...

I heard about this and it definitely is interesting. But at this time I'm not ready to conclude that we are not alone.

Maude Lynn said...

I just read about this in the paper. Wild, isn't it?

Trotter said...

Interesting to learn about that!! But a bit too far for our capabilities... ;)

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks :)
Well it proves what many believed all along that there are other planets out there and Earth is not the only planet with water and gravity and probably vegetation.
If there is vegetation other things may be living there. Maybe one of them has more advanced humans.

We make noise of this planet and we talk. All the noise we make travels
It could be reaching ears in terms of whispers and dreams. and visions.Nothing is impossible.