Saturday, September 4, 2010

Amoy/Shanghai/Pagodas/Temples/Life 1929

I made a collage of all the photos from Shanghai And Amoy.
These are interesting to see from 1929. I guess they can be made larger by clicking on the picture. They can on my computer.
When I found them at the flea market, I bought them right away.
They even show beheadings . I have yet to make a study of this era
but what I did read about it was truly interesting.
I can imagine how the person who took these pictures lived during these times.
I mean, to be able to be there for the beheadings is something.


You can see fortune tellers,smiths market, bamboos coolies,1929 kuikiang Pagoda,
Travelling by wheel barrow,Native cargo boats,Haing Chow
Pagoda near Peking, Peking Pagoda, Temple in Soochow, travelling book shop, House and bridge in Canton, roofs of Shanghai,Amoy Harbor,Peking city wall , Mandarin woman, Amoy, Street in Shanghai,female prisoners in wooden head locks,Kukiana??,native shoe maker,opium smokers,loongfa pagoda near shanghai,native prisoners rolling in street, native fisherman,
beheadings near hong kong,executions of Normon???women in mourning,native parber and customer,young soochow woman,Buddhist Priest, water mill, bridge over river,English settlement Nanking road, Ningpo.

Hope you enjoy this collage.


Jientje said...

I loved the collage but the male prisoner kind of shocked me. have a great weekend!

A Lady's Life said...

The beheadings shocked me.
The heads were lying next to the bodies and people were standing around watching.
At first I thought they were buried to the neck but they were not. Agh!

George said...

This is a fascinating collage of your old photos.
These pictures were made during a very turbulent period of Chinese history. The beheading picture captured that turbulence very well, although I can't imagine how the photographer was able to get that picture.

Maude Lynn said...

What an amazing find!

A Lady's Life said...

George - Yes this is what I thought as well. I am sure they made a book out of these pictures. I just don't understand why they would throw the pictures away like this They should have been kept.Guess it was an estate sale.
I read some stuff on Amoy and could not believe what I was reading . So much was going on there no one seems to know anything about.

A Lady's Life said...

Mam Zen - Yes I thought so Sometimes things appear unexpectedly lol

SandyCarlson said...

Tough, tough times. Wow.