Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Montreal Fine Arts Museum.

This museum would mean so much to many people during
Mayor Drapeau's time. It had the nicest exhibits and I will never forget the first
time I walked up those steps in awe of what I expected to see inside.
I was never disappointed.
It is here that I first laid eyes on the works of the old masters.

It left me with the view that it took someone very special to be able to create
texture and to copy an exact image of the model to make him/her look soooo
lifelike to the last detail of a hair, without modern technology.
If anyone was ever to fall in in love with art,
this was the place to go to get inspired.
Is it no wonder why this art is so treasured to this day and why it took a year to finish one painting.

Later I was to visit other bigger museums, like those found in
Washington DC, Chicago and New York equally as inspiring
and they only made me more proud to live in a city where we could actually compete
artistically and historically alongside with them.


George said...

A good museum is a wonderful asset to any city. It really doesn't matter how large the museum is, only that the exhibits be available. I'm glad this museum had a good influence on you.

A Lady's Life said...

George: Thanks.
Sometimes it is nice to walk through your past and remember the things which had some semblance of importance, to be still there. It means all is not
It is unfortunate people associate landmarks with unholy things rather than what makes it special.Yesterday they mentioned St Joseph Oratory as being associated with priests who molested children rather than St Andre who protected and defended them.There were adults with children and everyone came to visit the holy Brother Andre and to take part in the mass with the beautiful Organ, or people making a pilgrimage on their knees up the stairs. The Catholic priests and Nuns were very strict back then.God was not to be trifled with.
The French Quebecers were very religious back then and their story had a lot more to it than child molestation.The church did not accept birth control and women had many children, their husbands drank,brought home little money,beat their wives and schools only taught religion so graduates could not get good jobs. As a result the English were blamed and we had the Quiet Revolution whereby the Separatists said the French were the White Niggers of America. This was clearly not the case.Everyone had an opportunity to make something of themselves. It was a question of working towards a goal and those who did, succeeded.
So much has changed since then and it is best to dwell on the good things rather than the bad.You cannot change the past.