Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy First Day of Fall 8:09 pacific time

Quebec City's Chateau Frontenac,
looking as beautiful in Fall
as it does in winter with huge flakes of snow.

One can easily go back in time here.
The Canon goes off every day at Noon.

When discussing a separate Quebec with a French man,
he told me they could use this hill to ward off the English.
I told him well, we will not come up the hill , we will
fly over head..... just then, the canon went off
and I screamed. lol

Point well made.
We all laughed.


Voegtli said...

A lovely autumn picture. I am having such sights also right now. Autumn has always been my favorite season of the year. The forests are colorful, in my wine growing area you have the smell of the new wine when you pass the winery's. And the weather is still soft and often shiny. "L'été indien" as you say in Canada.

Akelamalu said...

Lovely picture and the song is one of my favourites. :)

A Lady's Life said...

Peter - Well nothing beats what you have out there.
Thats one of the best places in the world lol
You are one lucky man.:)

Akelamalu - I always loved Nat King Cole, no matter what he sings.

And Quebec city is not France but it also has its charm. Have to say when I was there I did not like the restaurants but things must have changed by now and eating at Chateau Frentenac is indeed a treat.
The view is spectacular!!!