Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Life Worth Living


More articles are written to discredit Christian values.

Trinity college is being attacked by Bank of Montreal
for its Christian beliefs in its Law School.

Well let's face it, we all know banks have a heritage of
legal theft . They are not in the business of losing money .
They dont give mortgages to help families and won't blink an eye to
 put everyone on the street.
Traditional families become easy pawns to these type of finance

People keep attacking Jesus saying he was married to Mary Magdalen
and had 2 children.
 This is for the benefit of celibate priests and maybe nuns and
opens doors to gay priests and nuns.

(let the bank fight scientology then  lol)

After being crucified and rising, Jesuss' job was done.
He came to teach and explain things.
 The seed was planted.
You either believe in the good he tried to teach  or you dont.

Priests can marry but they cannot rise the hierarchy to Pope hood.
This requires all the time a man has and families just won't function
with a stay away Dad. So career priests marry God.

As a free man, Jesus was able to marry, if he in fact did so, and live in peace,
away from the persecution he would again face as a  rabbi and son of God.
He left a legacy which can't change for he was not there officially to change it.
You can sit and fight and argue till hell freezes over but you need to remember the story.
Jesus was born of the virgin Mary. After he was risen and went back to God to become the trinity, Father Son and Holy Spirit, he then did not have to have sex with Mary Magdalen to beget
children. lol There is no proof anywhere of who Jesus was other than the son of God.
No one knows what happened to him and even if they found his body it would all mean nothing.

People are missing the point of what this man tried to do. What he tried to change.
The old Middle East still lives with the old ways and we see first hand,
why Jesus tried to change this.He did change this and man today has become arrogant. He is too spoiled and endangers the world into falling back to the way it was. Man has become like the story
the fisherman and the sea. No matter how much you give him, he wants more, until he loses it all.

 The world needs people to help man reflect and not go into the corrupt practices that again will lead into gangs, tribes, dictatorships, slavery, poverty and sickness.

This is the role of religion, to teach people goodness.

People who want control and power view goodness as a threat.

One man stood up and gave a speech about Obama and the black people.
He said Obama is barking up the wrong tree.
Black people come from disfunctional (dadless) homes and are raised by a black culture which
does not teach structure. It is structure,(and self discipline) which develops people
 into good people.Structure comes from limits set by the 10 Commandments.
In them a person finds true love and freedom and sense of belonging, caring, nurture, sharing....

These are all good things but Obama would not acknowledge it. He goes into other aspects and this will change nothing.
 I was glad someone spoke up to say the right and true  thing.

Even good families are at risk of losing their children to "society" which tells them lies
about their so called rights to do bad things .
It hurts many people, especially themselves . Religion unites families and makes families stronger. When kids lose themselves, families break up and the kids become lost weeds.

They say don't invite the devil into your home but the  (d)  evil is a sly thing and knows how to enter.
It works on the innocent and they bring it in.
Then they wonder why policemen shoot kids and why old people keep guns in their homes.
My little Duke was cold in his tank so we put a lamp and covered the water with an aluminum tray.
Today the water is warm and I took the tray off. He is very happy and frisky now.
Tonight I'll put the tray back on.


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