Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Throat Cutting Vice .


It sure is a catchy title.  Catching Life by the Throat by Josephine Hart
It features 8 great poets among other things. Looks like a good read.

It sure is windy today.
And dull and dark.
I woke up at 4 and then fell back to sleep at 6 and it still hasn't stopped pelting
 ice water.
Guess to day I'll make pork chops and soup.
I cleaned the fridge drawers so they can be filled up again with veggies.
We never had so much wind before. I hope my balcony plants survive.
Beau is outside and we keep asking him to come in but he doesn't, so it must not be that bad.
He will have to come in and then he will whine to go outside again.

-- I watched a movie with Nicholas Cage, "Joe", and had night mares all night.
It was about killing trees so the forest people could cut them down and replace them with small ones
but mainly it was about the lives of these people who worked doing this job. Some worked hard but some were worthless drunks. One stole water and never worked. He  killed other drunks to rip them off of their money wine and  drugs. These brain fried people, fight for stupid reasons and even sell their daughters for a drink.
I remember in the country one man did this to his daughter. He sold her
for sex, for a few drinks. She had a bad reputation but I just felt so bad for her.
It reminded me of those days.
 I had long forgotten about them..
Maybe this is why I am so verbal these days about how bad things can get and so saying yes to everything is not the right thing to do.

I remember my parents, who took to looking after this young girl who got married way too young.
She went to New York to be a strip tease dancer. She would come back and tell my Mom all these stories I was not allowed to hear. One day she came to show her a rash on her hands and my Mom told her it was VD and she had better go to the hospital. She fell in love with this man in NY and lived with him and his mom. The man pimped her out. She came back home with a daughter and told the man to stay away.
She raised the child herself and became a born again.
 It's an ugly world out there.

I told my husband boy this "Joe" story is soo out of reality it's not funny.
Nicholas Cage saved a girl and her 15 year old brother from their drunk Father who beat his family. He said he took care of his family when in fact his family took care of him . He stole their food and money . In the end Cage got shot protecting the kids. He killed a few bad guys and the Father jumped off a bridge.

I don't remember what I dreamed but I know it had to do with the movie..
The dogs were hiding beside me from the wind. They get scared.
Well hope your day is a good one.

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