Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Great Underwood and Gill

Underwood sang How Great Thou Art  so well and the audience, full of actors,
 was as touched by her as I was.
Gill did well beside her on guitar.

Well the weather is still  wet but at least the winds stopped.
 Every one was afraid Tsawwassen Beach would flood the homes 
They are so close to the water and level with it. When the tide comes in
along with 5 ft waves, It's not something you like to see.
They put up walls but one crumpled and went down.

Making dolls is a long process but I will end up with 8 for Christmas.
4 are already sitting in the tree. These next guys have bigger heads and
I want to make them pudgy. lol They will have cloth torsos
I put together the arms and legs and they look like little robots from I Robot.
So cute.
Then the dressing part so they look like elves will be tricky.
The worst part about doing stuff is collecting all the items at bargain prices.

Micheals is the worst. They sell lots but lets face it it must all come from China
but the prices are like triple and even 4 x the price.
When they say they have something on the net and you go there, they say oh we don't carry that.
You have to go to the big stores in tim buck two.
Fancy that. lol
Of course trying to get it to their store cause of customer demand is not something they do.
They had some thread on special for 1.99 so I took it and they charged 3.99. I told them no
the sign said 1.99. You have to watch cause they cheat you. So she did not like it
 that I refused to buy it.
When you get upset about how hard it is to shop with them, they get huffy.
In the mean time this store shut down so many small local outlets where it was
convenient and cheaper to get stuff. The clay carving tools were like 4.99 and with them they charge 23.99. Where is the logic?
Now people sell from homes and I am not one that likes to go to private homes.

Well nothing one can do That's a sign of the times.

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