Saturday, December 6, 2014

Peace on Earth 1939

With people getting heads chopped off to policemen
who have been killing innocent (or maybe not so innocent people
This 1939 video from MGM, seems apropos.

Michael Brown stole from a store  and aggravated his situation
 with very bad behavior.
The Garner story, on the other hand, looks like plain cold murder.
There were 4 men on this man.
The shooting of a 12 year old boy is something totally awful.
We should see something is wrong when policemen fear children,
 who seem to have no soul.
These are the type of people police have to deal with every day.
 How do you differentiate?

I know if anyone put me in a choke hold , my neck would snap.
I know if I told someone that I can't breathe, I would expect that someone
to help me and not continue to choke me or lessen the hold.

On the other hand,
an RCMP officer , Cpl. Jean Rene Michaud, a 40-year-old father of two with
13 years experience
was shot after stopping a car in Kamloops, BC. He did nothing.

That's just what happens when things go wrong.
Why does the police have such a low opinion of the public?
and moreso;
Why does the public have such a low opinion of the police who
 are there working for us?
To live in a situation, where no one can trust anyone ,
 means we are not on the same page.
People using drugs dont help. Prostitutes don't help.
Once more and more people get involved in doing
self destructive things, it then goes into arrogance, theft and killing to support habits and
the selling to more and more people,especially the young.
So the situation becomes explosive.

So people have to keep family members close and how do you do this?
By being vigilant and at home, to make sure kids are not hanging outside somewhere.
So what kind of families are these? Traditional families.
If poor families require 2 people working homes then the employment times have to be
such that someone is home when the kids are or at least have a grand parent or aunty
somewhere around.
Where there is a will there is a way and it would make the job of the police much easier.


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