Friday, December 5, 2014

Breath Taking Hunan 2013
Amazing how they did this New Years Fire works 2013
in Hunan.
Inspired from the heavens for sure.
Art work, passion, microbiology and astronomy, displayed by man,
 in the sky.

I have a person from a blog
 usicdidribee titkea
 emailing me very unfortunate messages about depression and evil around the world.
It is easy to feel hatred. Listening to the news makes every one feel depressed and we all say the same things this person feels. 
Yes! There is hell on earth!

The thing is, you have to be part of the solution and not part of the problem, for what does hate do but breed more hate. What does violence do but breed more violence.

In my country we try to resolve problems through communication , dialogue.
In my country , when we see problems we can't resolve, we seek third party help.
We talk about it to as many people as we can, to help make a difference. 

In our world we have International Organizations who were created to do this sort of work.

 On my blog I have worldman who is out there every day helping refugees and bear, who also suffers from depression.
 I have people who are dealing with cancer issues, fighting, to stay in the light and not be consumed by darkness and who is the light, if not the gentle lamb Jesus, who only spoke of goodness and kindness and love? This is the world we all want to live in.
Do you want to tell these people there is no light or hope or love and only darkness?
Jesus set us an example of how it could be.A world with no sickness violence hate abuse
where people understand, make good judgement decisions and don't need laws and politics to keep them at bay.

We can't blame the world for aids. Aids is a social problem, the result of evil behavior and good people working on this problem, today can say, they have real hope for a real cure. 
See ? Positive solutions to bad things that happen.

We can't blame the world for rape, or hate, or war,hunger, killing, stealing, lying, abuse........the list of bad things is long.
But unlike Islam, which hides all this under the guise of Muhammad, and has been controlling people
through fear and brain washing, we bring these things out into the light to be viewed and discussed.
We open doors to education and enlightenment. People helping people, instead of dictatorship.

We discuss oil companies and womens' issues. We discuss laws and religion.
We try to bring out these problems into the light and seek ways to make things better.

What we don't do is attack Jesus who brought in Christianity, as a way to resolve man's problems.
Remember, man is still not an enlightened entity.
Every day, man falls pray to hate and violence and bad behavior.

Man took down the 10 Commandments from the walls of justice so that corruption finds justice in what it is doing.
 Is that an answer? Why do they fear the 10 Commandments?

You see, when you destroy perfection, you fall off the main road.
 You fall into a crevice you have to then climb out of. 

usicdidribee titkea has fallen off the main road into one of these crevices, into the world of depression and charles manson.

Now why would he be someone to bring attention to, when we have people like Ghandi and Buddha
and Confuscious to name  a few of so many people out there, promoting goodness, without violence and hate.

An old intelligent man once told me: " Child, don't look at evil, cause then evil looks at you."
Every day I remember these words and I see them to be true.
But evil comes in and makes you look at it so how do you fight it?
You fight it with the light, the good. You fight it through grace, forgiveness, and learning.

So I fight for childrens' rights. Kids, who don't vote. Kids, who will be our future.
I fight for rights of kids to have a Mom and a Dad who are happy and have a job and loving home to offer them so they can then protect them from seeing evil.

But the fight for children, involves adults and adults are selfish. They sit absorbed in themselves and their egos and their wants and desires and then make excuses that it's all ok.
It's ok to do drugs. It's ok to have sex. It's ok to drink. Its ok to psychologically abuse.It's ok to prostitute, it's ok to legally deceive people etc...
(Was a time we could not bring children to restaurants cause it offended someone. lol)
And why? Well, they justify it all because man is not perfect and man has human rights.

Well, if it is ok to do everything, then it is also ok to rape and steal and kill....
You open doors to horror. Liberalism, opens doors to horror.
When you tell man his laws are better than Gods' and man is born equal,
then the laws are what each and every individual says they are.
Laws are as good as the men who make them.
 Muhammad for instance, was a man, a killer,
not the son of God.
So today, man is looking for other answers. He is creating smart people because he says
we, the public, are not smart. We sit and cry and whine and talk of depression and listen to evil minds like Charles Manson instead of developing ourselves through enlightenment and education.
The public enjoys evil and makes laws and rights to encourage it and fights to go back to tribalism, which then starts the whole cycle over again.

You have two choices in life. 
You either follow the light or you make excuses and sit in the dark.
In the end it is not me or you that will make a difference.
But when it becomes "US", together, we can make a difference.

 Sending me mail, telling me that mans' problems are  all Gods' fault?
Who are you kiddin? You are free to change your life and help people change theirs, to the better good. That's a big job.
Man asked God for rights to make his own decisions and God said ok.
You can learn the easy way or the hard way but in the end, you will learn.
He gave us our freedom and 10 laws to help us learn.
Whether God is or is not, the 10 Commandments came from another world
with experience and knowledge far more advanced than we give them credit for.

In the end, you either follow the 10 rules or rot in horror.
In the end.. the choices we make together, will be our making... or they will be our end.
Until we realize this, sending mails of hate is not part of the solution but part of the problem.
Resolves nothing, my dear usicdidribee titkea.

My advice to you is to stop hating, seek help for your depression and get involved in the light. 
Make yourself a better person
so love fills your heart.



noodlecat said...

It is said that it is better to light one candle than curse the darkness...I really believe that.

Noodle and crew

A Lady's Life said...

Ya so do I laura.Always look at the bright side .
When I see people on the street banging their heads against an electric pole or arguing with it, punching it, I think this is a fried
brain and this brain speaks and votes and gives opinions. This brain says it has rights and indeed it does cause no one is allowed to put this away where it can find help.Something is wrong when we let society run away like this into such a deep abyss and give them rights to open more doors to get more people into their milieu. It's scary.Then they blame God who hasn't spoken a word for centuries lol