Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Delights

I've always loved the muppets and when my kids were
 babies I sat with them and enjoyed the shows.
The Swedish Chef shows how cooking should really be done
and the kids laughed (thankfully) knowing this was not the
way to cook.

But when I cook, I can see my kitchen looking like this.
Pots, pans, flour, spills. You have more cleaning than anything
 else once you are done. That's why I hate cooking lol
On TV they show everything so nice and easy but at home it's
 another story and it repeats three times a day  till 10:30 at night,
 when someone says:
"Got anything to eat?"lol

My two girls are fighting over toys.
Who would have thought dogs have so much jealousy.
Their feelings get hurt just like peoples' do.
Duke is sitting beautifully on top of his tank showing off his beautiful
colors. He is much happier with the light on top.

The car windows are frozen this morning.
It was a good day to make chilli so I did it for my guys to keep them warm.
My husband is finding wearing the poncho I made, very good to keep his
shoulders and legs warm. He keeps jumping outside for this and that and
this is the worst thing to do undressed.
I am petrified to get sick so I tell every one to stay away from me. lol
I am so glad so far I caught nothing.
 Maybe I already caught all the germs over all
these years and my immune system is working with all the garlic and
onions I
The news continues to be bothersome.
After all the money our government sends up north for food relief,
people are still sifting through garbage bins looking for food.
They showed the price one head of cabbage to be 29.00.
It's either a hell of a large cabbage or highway robbery.
Up north they grow things big

I told my husband time to get a tractor and dig a deep hole,
cover it with a solar panel roof and make a hot house so
food can be grown all year round. Today people are complaining
that for 2 people, they spend 400.00 a week on groceries.
Is that insane or what?

Well that's why I say to keep things local.
Helpt your farmer neighbor and help yourself.


noodlecat said...

Hope you stay healthy and happy!

Noodle and crew

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Laura I hope so too lol and the same to you.