Friday, December 12, 2014

Gods' Wonders

This is a very interesting and informative video.
I enjoyed watching it.

Last night was terrible The winds were blowing all night
and we thought the electricity would go out at any time and this would not be good .
They would take a long time to come back.
80,ooo people in Vancouver are without electricity this morning.

 I am slowly putting my doll bodies together. They look so cute sitting like old buddies
inter reacting. lol
Once I dress them up they will be nice.
The heads are much bigger.

Yesterday shopping I met a woman and she asked me if I was ready for Christmas.
I told her no. Not much in the mood after watching all the news on TV.

She answered, well come to my house and make sour krout pyrogies.
I burn my hands frying them
I laughed.
My Mom made sour krout progies and they were very tasty.

She would fry onion and sour krout and then put them into yeast dough and fry them
They were so good.
So I laughed and told her OK I will come.
I loved her free old fashioned nature so rarely seen today. Those were how the old people behaved and always gave you a feeling of belonging.

"So, come to my house" they'd always invite.
Today we don't do this much. We have to be very selective who we invite to the house
cause you never know what they would have up their sleeve. You might wake up the next morning
either dead or half dead.

Disappointing about Bill Cosby. It is unbelievable that he would do such a thing to so many women.
Why would he have to?
I just don't believe all these woman would sit there back then and be afraid to expose him when he supposedly did these things. I know if he did this to me I would, regardless and especially, if I knew I was drugged.
I would be petrified to have been given something very bad to hurt me and the doctor would be the first person I'd go to see. Drugs and sex could loose a person a career a lot faster than exposure to a crime could. So ... all these stories seem incredible to me.
I can't believe so many women were/are so stupid. There must be more to this story as to why they all stayed quiet and they are not as innocent as they claim.

As for the 15 year old. Where were her parents that she was drinking and went to a play boy mansion alone with a stranger? Did the parents not know where she was?
 That took a lot of time to do. Any smart girl knows never to do things like this.
This is all so unlike Schwartznegger who some women also tried to accuse of sexual misconduct but then other women came to his rescue and said Arnold..... any time baby.. A n y t i m e. lol

Just seems a bad time to have all this come out, when he is almost at the end , in the autumn of his life.
Goes to show. You just never know.



Rick Watson said...

I've reduced my news consumption considerably. I simply don't want to add the unwanted negative vibrations to the Universe.

We did a good bit of Christmas shopping yesterday and finished putting up the tree.

Take care.

A Lady's Life said...

Unfortunately we havent Rick.
What goes on in the world affects us all to a great degree.We must stay aware and vigilant in order to fight back in what ever small way we can.