Sunday, December 28, 2014

Crowds That Do Not See

Garfield : Parties R My Life
May spirits be bright!

Fallen Majesty
William Butler Yeats

 Although crowds gathered once if she but showed her face,
And even old men's eyes grew dim, this hand alone,
 Like some last courtier at a gypsy camping-place
 Babbling of fallen majesty, records what's gone.
These lineaments, a heart that laughter has made sweet,
These, these remain, but I record what's gone.
 A crowd Will gather, and not know it walks the very street
Whereon a thing once walked that seemed a burning cloud.

My blog originally was supposed to be about women.Then I found so many lost people on the blog and it got into the God arena and then I saw so many do not even understand religion and that God is not a person. Then my kids asked me how can Jesus be part of the triad?
No amount of explaining would do it for them until I finally told them
God is an entity of knowledge.He is positive energy.
He is every where and in every thing and he can enter into your life when ever he pleases by just touching you.
 He can make every one his, except this is not the way he wants it.
He wants you to come to him because you understand and the reason behind this goes back to Adam and Eve who wanted free will.
So he left them with the 10 Commandments.

 Now that I am done teaching, I lost my momentum as to what I was supposed to make this blog about and now kinda lost my incentive.
In the mean time I seem to have touched upon bad energy which again I have to make realize that they are in a bad place.
 These people need help in a bad way but not from me.
I am here only to explain things and some people understood and I got through to them
and I am grateful and in the mean time anyone reading this blog can read what I wrote and maybe I will touch someone else in a good way.

Well in the New Year I hope to do other things and maybe then things will go better.
Never in my life did I ever think I would have to defend God.
But he needs  defending.
We take it for granted that we always do the right things but we dont, cause if we did, we would not have so many problems today.
I hope every one is enjoying their holiday and stays in good spirits and cheer.



Rick Watson said...

I love the writings of Yeats.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Rick .
I love to read his writings as well.