Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Little Prayer.

lol This is a no bull  prayer lol
I had some clear bulbs I wanted to paint but the tree is already full and time
is limited so I decided to get a few quotes and things depicting the meaning of Christmas
and I printed them out and cut them out and stuck them inside each
bulb. So now people will have incentive to read each bulb and look at the pics inside.
It almost feels like when you stuff things into a bottle to throw into the ocean.
Someone will find the treasure hidden in there, somewhere.
I think this is also good when you have old Christmas cards. 
You take pics of them and then print them out smaller and stick them into a bulb. This way you will always have memories of old Christmas cards.
I think this is also a wonderful gift to give someone for Christmas with a date on it.
You get 6 bulbs for a dollars and then just collect sayings( like the one above) and pics you like ,
roll them up and stick them through the top. Then you have to unroll them of course.
I was thinking geez you can even stick a ship inside there. Now that would be craft work!

So just the clothes to finish on the dolls. I am procrastinating cause I have to get some
quilting squares, so they don't all just have felt on them.
Then they will be hand sewn and stuck into the tree along with the other 4 dolls.
The tree is full so I don't know where they will go.

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