Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Most Interesting Video

Boy this video covers everything.
Puts a lot into perspective and makes so much sense.

and to think I wasn't going to watch it.

Well my 8 dolls are up in the tree.
They look like something out of Lord of the Rings.
I also made 4 angels to my surprise, using bulbs for heads.
They turned out wonderful.
It was totally unexpected.

My clay birds and clay tree decorations  are up.
The tree is lit and I am putting my stuff away cause
 there is no end to it all. lol

The damp weather is playing havoc with my body.
Shoulders are sore, wrists, knees ,ankles, neck . lol
You reach a certain age, you need to walk around with an oil can
to grease joints up. lol
Wish it was that simple lol
 Every day is different.

Tomorrow is house cleaning day.
Have to pull out my steam cleaner.

Today there was so much screaching outside.
Seems two birds got into a fight and just now more scratching is heard in the fireplace.
Would not be good to have guests up there lol
 We have bunnies running around
Maybe one of them was attacked.Hope not.

Days seem to just be flying by.
Already the 17th.


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